Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No New Dress This Time

I've been trying to sew on my new dress. I sat down at my machine with great anticipation. The pattern is an easy one, simple lines, and I envisioned a quick and easy session or two to finish it up. It was not to be.

The fabric is a polyester knit of some sort. I don't remember where it came from; it's just been in my stash for a while. I had some universal machine needles, so I put in a fresh one before I started sewing, knowing that knits need sharp needles. I also knew that this fabric might require a ballpoint needle, but thought I'd try the universal . . . especially since I didn't have any ballpoints! ;) Nothing doing. It skipped every few stitches. I adjusted the tension and stitch length. Nope. So I decided to wait till I could get some ballpoint needles, which I did today. I came home and popped one into the machine, then tried it out. It was worse!!! Huge, majorly huge skipped stitches. Nothing I did helped - tension, stitch length, zig-zag stitch. I tried sewing some plain cotton fabric: perfect stitches. Polyester: huge skipped stitches.

I'm out of options for now. No time and no fabric to cut a new dress. We're leaving Thursday for a missions conference, and Monday for GA/SC. Since fabric is cheaper in the US than here, I'll see if I can find something I like and bring it back in with me and try again. I've looked online and in all my books for a solution, and my only guess right now is that my machine just will not sew this fabric. No new dress for now, but maybe by the end of the month!


  1. Oh dear! I was having troubles with my machine yesterday. I was trying to use the hem stitch, and the fabric kept bunching up on the underside. NOT a pretty hem...so I gave up (after trying everything I could possibly think of!), and hemmed it by hand.

    Did you try changing the tension? And also, does your machine have a way to adjust the pressure of the pressure foot? Those are two things that come to my mind.

    Hope you can find some fabric you like! :-)

  2. ahhhh...
    I KNOW sewing frustration...I have been known to TOSS the whole thing in my very far away past.
    I think you are much more patient than me.

  3. Tammy ~~ I have tried the tension, but I'm not sure if I can adjust the pressure foot. I have misplaced my machine manual (although I know it's here somewhere), so I'll have to wait till I find it to see how to do that. Seems like it might have some guidelines for sewing knits OR it might have a troubleshooting guide.

    Deby ~~ I don't see any way I can do anything other than toss this one! LOL It will NOT sew on my machine, apparently.


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