Monday, April 07, 2008

I wanted to share with you what I've been working on lately. I haven't gotten very far with my crafty plans, mainly because I stink at time management! I'm just going to have to sit down and make myself a rough schedule, or I'll just keep putting things off and never get anything done. Because there's always plenty to do; I just have to figure out what's more important at the moment.

First, there's the baby quilt I am attempting. I thought my squares were pretty good . . . until I saw a real pattern for it and found that either I've copied my friend's square wrong or she did it wrong to start with. It's not assembled exactly the way a log cabin square is supposed to be. Anyway, I like my combination of colors, and I adore the little froggy peeking out from the center of each block! Each square has him peeking out from a different direction, and in one or two of them you can barely see him. Too cute!

Next is my sock doll. This doll was given to me when I was born (I think) - at least when I was a baby.
My dad was in the US Navy at the time, so that's why my doll is a sailor. He's been living in my cedar chest for all these over-40 years! ;) He's about a foot tall, and I just love that he's winking. He has inspired me to try making sock dolls, which I've found are very easy, and dress them in desert BDUs. With our current military action, I was thinking these might sell well. I could also do them in regular uniforms, with a little research. Maybe personalize with a name on the uniform. What do you think?

Next is something for myself. With our upcoming trip, I wanted a new dress. I had some navy blue fabric that drapes just right for a dress, so I looked into my patterns. I found one that I had always liked, but when I opened it to cut out my fabric, I found that most of the pattern was missing! I thought back over the years that I've had this pattern, and remembered that it was one I had used to make 4 bridesmaid's dresses and 1 bride's going-away dress about 10 years ago. I think what must have happened is that I was so burned out on that pattern that I just stuffed it in with my patterns, not bothering to put it away properly, and sometime in the course of decluttering over the years, I had thrown it out . . . figuring that, if I hadn't taken the time to put it away carefully, I must not have wanted it very much. See how ditzy I am? So I decided not to make a new dress. But then I really wanted to. So I found another pattern that I've had a while, and wonder of wonders, it still had all the pieces! I traced it onto some tissue pattern paper, and cut it out over the weekend - it's the short-sleeve version on the right, and I'm using a navy knit with a textured stripe. It will be plain, but I'm hoping that texture will add the interest it needs. It's now waiting for me patiently in my new sewing nook.

Our upstairs landing is wide and spacious, and there, right beside our bedroom door, is the perfect size spot for my sewing table and machine. I've been making it mine now for a week or two, and I think it will work. It's at least out of our dining room, and all of my sewing stuff is at least on one level of the house. I have all my fabric in the wicker trunk there on the left, and around the corner is a shelf unit where I can put more stuff if I need to. There's plenty of light up here, and Wes is usually in his office, aka our bedroom studying or working at his computer. See that quilt draped over the rail on the left? I won that at a missions conference when we first started deputation. This church has a quilter's group that makes a new quilt each year, and during their missions conference, the pastor holds a drawing among the missionary wives for the quilt. I was sure surprised when I won it, and it's now one of my cherished possessions. I think it adds a nice punch of color, and it hides the sewing nook mess (should there ever be one!) from view as you come up the stairs.

So that's the little bit of stuff I've been up to for the past couple of weeks. I hope to have far more than this going on after we get back from our trip!


  1. You are very busy!!! I think the doll would be great!!! Let me know if you can do a Marine.

  2. Susan, the doll idea is great!

    I hope you show pictures of your dress when it's finished. It's so fun to see pictures of women wearing modest dresses that they've made.

  3. Looks like a industrious woman to me, time management or not...
    I think the doll is a great idea...

  4. Wow, aren't you so crafty! I think your quilt square looks nice.

    The doll is really cute too.

    Oh yea can't wait to see the dress.

  5. Susan....Wow! You've been busy. I can't wait to see the dress and the doll. And as for the quilt...I would stick with what you is going to be adorable. Plus I'm finding there are very few hard and fast rules with sewing. Just you are a created your own pattern!!!

  6. Rita, I'm pretty sure I could do a Marine . . . although I haven't done anything other than make a basic sock doll so far! LOL When we return from the US, I plan to get down to business on making the military dolls and see how they do.

    Melody, I love to see pics of things people have made too. Tonight I realized that this particular dress won't get done, but I hope to make it with another fabric in the next month or so. I'll be sure to post pics!

    Deby, I so wish I could be called industrious. I get sidetracked so easily. One day I might do lots of craft things, the next a lot of laundry, the next a bunch of cleaning. I'd like to be more balanced.

    Theresa, I've always thought he was a cutie! ;) He's been put away all my life, and I like to get him out and look at him every now and then. I wish I knew who made it, but the person who would know has passed away.

    Tori, I like my quilt square, but I'm not sure exactly what I want to do next! LOL

    Cindy, you are so sweet! I don't see myself as a designer AT ALL. More like a copycat that doesn't know what she's doing! It has been exciting, though, to try some things that are new to me and see what comes up.


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