Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Doctor, Doctor

Norman Rockwell - Doctor & Doll
Norman Rockwell - Doctor & Doll

It seems like all I'm doing right now is making doctor's appointments! Today was my annual eye exam, a must for someone with diabetes. He looks all the way to the back of my eyeballs to make sure there's no diabetic damage, without even dilating my eyes - for which I thank him profusely! Dilating my eyes sets me back a good 3 hours, because I can't see to do anything. The first time I went to this doctor, I didn't know he was going to dilate my eyes, and I ended up walking around the mall next to the doctor's office for 2 hours while I waited for my eyes to clear enough to be able to drive. Not that I minded walking around the mall for 2 hours, but today I have too much to do for that to be an option. So Wes drove me over. And they didn't dilate my eyes. Better safe than sorry, I always say. And my eyes? Still perfectly healthy, slightly near-sighted, and no sign of damage from this disease I have. Praise the Lord!

Andrew has an appointment with an oral surgeon at the end of April. I think I've mentioned that he has some TMJ problems. Well, we've been to our family doctor, who referred us to an ENT specialist, who referred us back to our own dentist, who gave him a mouth guard to wear, which only made the problem worse. She then referred us to the oral surgeon, but suggested that we might go through our family doctor to see this surgeon, because our insurance might cover his cost if our doctor referred us. It definitely wouldn't with the dentist's referral. So off to our family doctor we went - again - who called the oral surgeon and found that we have to pay out-of-pocket for his services, because he is not a medical doctor. So. Depending on what the exact problem is with Andrew's jaw and what course of action the oral surgeon needs to take, Andrew may be having more visits to the surgeon this year.

And my foot. I have a soft-tissue mass in the arch of my right foot. It doesn't seem to be a serious thing, since my doctor-referred appointment with the orthopedic surgeon is not until November 3rd. As in 7 months from now. If it were serious, I might not be around that long. But from everything I've read, and from my own doctor's assurances, it is nothing to worry about. It just needs to be taken out so my foot doesn't hurt as often. I've found that wearing runners with a good arch support helps tremendously, while wearing cheap knock-offs of Crocs from Payless hurts tremendously.

And just in case I don't have enough doctor visits, there's the every-3-months visit to my doctor just to keep my diabetes whipped into shape. It's a good thing I like my doctor; I see lots of him during the year.


  1. sorry you are spending so much time with the doctors...but at least so far they are giving you mostly good news...except of course the dentist...I will pray that Andrews appt. with the oral surgeon goes well...

  2. God bless you through this time. Seems like so many of us have valleys, doesn't it? We're praying the Lord supply all your needs :)

  3. oh SUSAN...(((HUGS)))
    I will have to tell you that I KNOW how this is. I have spent more times at the doctor's since November than I have in my life and it still is not over...more referrals...more tests..yuck...yuck and I HATE driving the *5* in my area. that too..many do with seems to flare than subside..sometimes a muscle relaxer at night can help.

    Glad your eyes are in great shape.
    boy nowadays we are happy when ANYTHING is in good shape.
    Praying for God to work out all the details.

  4. Mimi ~~ Yes, I am glad for all the good news. I'm very thankful that the Lord has provided well for us here, in giving us good doctors when we need them.

    Elizabeth ~~ We do have some valleys, but God is always faithful, even when we can't see our way through. Doctors are just a part of life for me now! ;)

    Deby ~~ I know you have had so much doctor stuff going on recently. I hadn't thought about a muscle relaxer for Andrew. I think he grinds his teeth at night, which is what started this whole thing. I'll ask the doctor about that.

  5. Susan, I just wanted to throw on here that sometimes a good physical therapist can help TMJ. I don't have a severe problem, but have off-and-on struggled with it for years. Now I've been in physical therapy for my back, neck and shoulders, and she's also given me a lot of pointers about my TMJ problems. THey treat patients specifically for TMJ there. Just a thought, if you haven't all ready explored that option, it's an excellent alternative to a surgeon. I also take 800mg of Ibuprofen/Motrin per day at lunch. Makes a huge difference with not only my TMJ, but also my tension headaches.


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