Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Being a Help to My Husband

As Christian women, we all take seriously our commitment to being helps meet for our husbands. At times, that can encompass bringing in a little extra money to help with whatever financial difficulties may arise. There is a biblical principle, through Proverbs 31, of a wife having an additional income by working within her home, or even in outside endeavors, to bring in that little extra. Today, the internet makes it possible for us to make that little bit of extra money, through various means, while caring for our families and homes.

As many of you know, I am already a Christianbook affiliate. I have now added an Amazonaffiliate. I have debated this in my mind for a long time. I love Christianbook's affiliate program. They pay well (and on time!), you can order through your own links and save money on your own orders, and they have a huge selection of Christian books. But one thing I have wanted to do for a long time is to have an online Christian bookstore, and Christianbook is not really easy to use for a bookstore - at least with my limited knowledge of website management. Amazon makes it incredibly easy with their A-store program. And that is the main reason I opened an account with Amazon. I now have a bookstore, and I have had tons of fun putting books, magazines, and movies into it, things that I would share with you as a friend. So . . . I have a widget in the left sidebar, which highlights some of the items in my store, and a link in my right sidebar in the Meet Our Family section at the top. Just like with Christianbook, just click on any of my Amazon links on my blog to take you to my store, and from there you will be handled with the same service you've come to expect from Amazon - all within the framework of my very own store!

I hope that having the two affiliates will not cause any confusion . . . or seem greedy on my part! LOL And yes, I'm still hoping to open an Etsy shop, too! But I have to do some actual work to get that started. Anyway, if you are going to shop through either
or Amazon, I'd love it if you'd consider shopping through my links. Many of you have already generously shopped through my Christianbook link - thank you so much! I hope you'll at least stop by my ByGrace A-store and look around. I've just scratched the surface of what I want to offer in this store, but I believe there's plenty there to look at already. Also, my front page will change quite often, as I offer seasonal things there (except for the next two weeks, while we're gone to GA/SC). Sorry to seem so mercenary, but I see this as an opportunity to help my husband just a bit with paying off the bills.

As always, thanks so much for reading my blog. I am truly amazed and humbled that you keep coming back!

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