Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Visit to the Doctor

Today I had my follow-up visit to the doctor to see how my blood tests were. I'm happy to report that I am very healthy; just a little too sweet for my own good! ;) He did a complete blood workup for anything and everything that can go wrong with diabetes, and other than my fasting blood sugar and three-month average being too high, there are no signs of any diabetic complications. There was one tiny thing to do with my kidneys, but it will resolve itself as my sugar levels even out. I double-checked with him to make sure, because kidney failure is what ultimately caused my mother's death, and he showed me all the numbers for that kind of problem, and my kidneys are fine.

He had also received the report on the x-rays I had done on my foot, where I have a lump in the arch. The x-rays show only bone, of course, and all they showed was a heel spur, which means the lump I have is soft tissue. He is referring me to an orthopedic surgeon (which will take 6-9 months). He said the only way to get rid of this lump is to have it cut out. Just what I wanted to hear! Of course, here in Canada, elective surgeries have long waiting lists, so it will probably be a year or more before I have the surgery. It's tender, and especially after a long day my foot is very tired, but it's not disrupting my life or anything like that. I've found that wearing my runners all day helps a bit with the ache.

Another thing my doctor did is give me a book on diabetes management. It's been quite a few years since I've attended a diabetes class (another thing due I have to do soon!), and I told him I just don't know quite how to eat to manage my blood sugar and try to lose weight. So this little booklet, even with its limited information, will be a help, I believe. I had been looking online, and had even joined a discussion forum for diabetics, but there are as many opinions on how we should eat as there are websites. So I was getting a bit confused; the internet can be so confusing when you're looking for health information! While I realize the practice of medicine is not perfect, and I should still use common sense for even my doctor's instructions, I do believe that God has been gracious to allow me to live in a time and country with outstanding medical help. So I have decided to quit trying every little thing out there and give my doctor's advice an honest effort. That's not really the politically correct thing to do, I know. Oh well. I've never been politically correct anyway! ;)


  1. Hi Susan,
    Have you been recently diagnosed a diabetic? I have had it for 7 years. I am NOT an expert by any means, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask! It can be a little overwhelming but with God's grace, it can be delt with fairly easy.
    God bless,

  2. Wonderful news Susan...

  3. Susan, that's great you got good news. I hope you adjust to the way of eating easily....or to the trying again. It seems so hard to implement changes, even if they're changes we've made before, isn't it?

    I'll be looking for updates.....and paying attention to your menus. I need inspiration myself for planning healthier meals.


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