Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Week

We stayed quite busy this week! Our church's annual Men of the Word Conference is this weekend - started today - so Wes has been busily getting the final touches done for that. He doesn't ask my help for any of it, although he does have Andrew and Beth help with folding the pages of the conference program. I tried to be available to him, and found that most of the help he needed was for me to just do my work and allow him to get his work done! ;) Sometimes we do work better when we leave each other to our own things. Last night, I was trying to pack his clothes for him, thinking that would help him and really not wanting to be "stuck" with doing it later in the night or even this morning. I realized I needed to back off when he said he would take care of it when he finished what he was doing. At first I felt a little huffy about that; I mean, here I was helping him and he didn't want my help at that moment. But then I realized that there are times when I work better without someone else's help, and so I went and found something else to occupy my time while he finished what he was doing. Then he needed my help finding all the toiletries he needed! LOL He, the guest speakers, and the two men of our church left this morning around 7:00, complete with bed linens, door prizes, and hot sausage biscuits.

Yesterday (Thursday) was our busiest day this week. Beth had a piano lesson and recital yesterday morning. Beth's teacher and her husband, Dave and Liz Wiebe, are beginning deputation to go to Ontario to begin a new church there. Yesterday was Beth's final lesson with Mrs. Wiebe, who is a wonderful pianist. We'll both miss her teaching. Beth has learned so much from her, and I feel she's well on her way to be a good pianist with the good foundation Mrs. Wiebe has given her. We're also praying for the Wiebes as they begin a new chapter in their lives!

Our guest speakers came in yesterday afternoon, Pastor Rick Adams and one of his associate pastors, Bro. Brad McFeters, from Greater Portland Baptist Church. The theme of this year's conference is leadership. Wes felt that men need to learn biblical leadership in their homes and churches, and how to hold up the hands of their pastors. Pastor Adams and the men on his staff have shown tremendous leadership, so Wes was pleased to get these two men to teach the sessions this year.

Today I've sort of taken a day off. I've done the basic everyday things around the house, fixed lunch and supper, and taken some time to catch up on my blog reading. I've stayed off the computer for much of the week, and today I found that I was interested in reading blogs, but I could get up and walk away. A new concept for me! ;) I also did some grading for school today, something that I had gotten behind in, and I catnapped a bit too. It's been a laid-back kind of day, so tomorrow will be back to work getting things ready for Sunday and the week ahead. I hope you've had a good day taking care of your responsibilities, and that you have a pleasant weekend ahead!


  1. I am so glad to know I am not the only who gets behind in grading:) It seems to be one of those things that I just let slip, often for several days and please do not tell anyone, sometimes I go an entire week. I am getting better though!

  2. Ummmmmm . . . just ONE week??? I won't tell you how long I go! LOL You're doing very well, my dear. Not to worry!

  3. Sometimes I feel guilty for not packing for my husband, but he travels so much that he has it all down pat.

    I'm like that, too, sometimes, where the best way one can help is just to leave me alone. But then other times I really want help but everyone else is occupied!!

    Sounds like a great day! I am still supposed to keep my foot up a lot but need to swish around the toilet and other such things. My husband's gone such long hours I hate to ask him -- and somehow he just doesn't notice things like that, lol!! But I am going to spend most of the day with my foot up. I even started some cross stitch while doing so this week, something I haven't done in ages.


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