Saturday, March 01, 2008

One Talented Family

Before I forget to do it (a very likely thing to happen!), I want to point you to a family of folks that are just oozing talent, the Mountain Musings family. It's made up of Dad and Mom (aka Tom and Deb) and their adult children, three of whom still live at home, the other married. I met Deb right after I started my blog, and she and her family have become dear bloggy friends. We have high hopes of meeting sometime in real life! Anyway, yesterday and today, their posts have been by a couple of the kiddos, and I wanted to point you their way.

Yesterday, daughter Hannah introduced the new website for her several-years-old cardmaking business, Graceful Designs. Hannah designs her own cards and postcards, using several media - digital photography, rubber stamping, and water color. She's a homeschool graduate who uses her talent to bless others while being a help and blessing to her parents. Please stop by and see her work; you won't be disappointed!

Today, Hannah's brother, Jonathan, wrote about his getting a banjo for Christmas and learning to play it, including a recording he made of himself playing the first song her learned. Keep in mind, this young man just acquired his banjo at Christmas: that's two months ago, y'all. If you like bluegrass, you'll love this! Go listen to his recording!

I can't overlook Hannah and Jonathan's sister, Sarah, who is a quilter extraordinaire! I've enjoyed seeing her quilting projects take shape over the months. Here's her latest, a beautiful set of pillows to match her quilt.

I love this family and wanted to share some of their accomplishments with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. Susan ~ what a very special honor and compliment to have you write a whole post about our family! Thank you for the links and mention. Glad you liked Jonathan's banjo pickin', too!

  2. I agree ~ they are a wonderful family!

  3. Mrs. Hutchens,

    Fun to see your post! Thank you again for linking to me and for your encouragement!


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