Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ladies' Retreat

I want to take a few minutes and give you a little report on the ladies' retreat I went to over the weekend. As I expected, once I got there and got into the meeting, I was fine, and glad that I was there. The retreat was in Marysville, WA, at Northwest Baptist Church. I didn't even realize this church was so close to us (Marysville is where we do our monthly shopping) until a few months ago, when we met the pastor and his wife at another meeting. I was excited to learn that the pastor is from NC; his accent sounded like home to me! LOL Anyway, I got an invitation to the retreat a few weeks later, and decided I would go.

Maybe I'll write sometime soon about all the things that have been going on behind the scenes in our lives lately, but right now, suffice it to say that the last thing I wanted to do was go to a ladies' meeting! I was tired and irritable and discouraged, and I wanted to stay home. But Wes, in that wisdom that husbands have concerning their wives' need for rest and refreshment, told me that those were exactly the reasons that I needed to go. Ack! So I went, but not with my whole heart.

When the retreat began, we learned that not only was the pastor terribly ill and had just been released from the hospital the night before, but two of the three main speakers had had to cancel for reasons beyond their control! Good grief! I had come without wanting to, and now the two ladies I had wanted to hear weren't even there. There might as well have been a black cloud hanging over my head! My dear friend was there, though, and I told her a bit of what was going on, and just talking to her helped to lighten my spirit just a bit. Then we got to talk at supper time, heart-to-heart, and hopefully helped each other a bit.

The thing that amazed me was that as the day and evening went on, and local pastors' wives began speaking, the Lord began to rest my heart and encourage me to keep on keeping on. One of the ladies asked, "What will it take to make you quit?" Well, I knew it would take far more than what was going on last week, let me tell you!

The evening passed quickly, and I was so exhausted that I knew I would have to go to bed as soon as possible. Normally at ladies' retreats, I stay up talking till midnight or so, but not this time. We got to our room about 9:30 (a beautiful room, by the way!). I called Wes, then got ready for bed. I was in my bed, beginning to drowse away, by about 10:15. That's a record! But I slept so well that night, and was feeling so much better the next morning. Saturday's sessions were very good also, and I thought I had gotten by with just encouragement and strength to keep going.

Until the last session. That's the one where the Lord stuck His finger in my heart and found that area of pride and sin I'd been hiding. He twisted and probed and dug, and finally I had to tell Him all about it and get it cleared up with Him. That is why I needed to go to that retreat! I hope to be able to tell you about some of the sessions, especially that last one on Saturday. I just don't have time right now! I will get my notes typed out and hopefully some posts ready. I just wanted you to know how the Lord ministered to my heart this weekend. Now I'm off to attend to my home and family. Have a great week!


  1. I'm so glad the Lord blessed your heart at the retreat. When we dn't feel like going is usually when we NEED to go. I'm glad you did.


  2. I am glad that you got to go. It sounds like the Lord spoke to you there, what a blessing that is! Keep on keeping on sister :o)


  3. I am so glad you went and that your heart was blessed! So many times I approach events the same way you did but am so glad I went afterward.

  4. Satan wanted you to leave the retreat discouraged; I'm glad old Smutty Face wasn't successful!

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. sounds like you had a good time after all.

  6. Hi. I visit you site often.
    Just want to let you know that I live in Maryville and have even visited that church! (I felt so welcomed and enjoyed it so much.)If I'd know you I would have come and said "Hi" When I read your post that said you'd be gone, I thought, maybe...naw. lol
    I wonder if we've seen each other at the stores! This is where I shop too!

  7. I'm so glad the retreat blessed you so. I know when I go even thought I don't feel like it, I'm usually really blessed.

    Glad your back!

  8. I'm so very glad you were blessed by going.

  9. Glad to hear that you were blessed by going!


  10. Totally off subject with your post, I wanted to tell you I finally made your cheeseburger buns! I used velveeta cheese, because I already had it on hand and needed to use it. Next time, I won't use so much cheese. But I will make it again, a sure family pleaser! Thank you for the recipe.

  11. Hi Susan,
    Today Dave and I went to a retreat at church and i thought of you. Boy did God cut deep into our hearts. The pastor didn't step on our toes he stomped on them. LOL Dave and I both left there with lots of things to be on our knees about.I am not blogging for now. I am taking a break to get my life back focused on God and His purpose.

  12. Hello,

    I am so glad you had a blessed time at the retreat. So often in life things do not go as planned and it is tough, but often during those times, God gives a special blessing:)

    Take Care,


  13. Susan, I'm so glad you were encouraged by the sessions at the retreat. It sounds like you were right where the Lord wanted you to be. I'm glad Wes told you to go. : )

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I am glad God blessed you; He always knows what we need and when we are ready for it. We keep your family in our prayers. Tell everyone hi from us.

  15. I can't wait to read what you share with us. (o:



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