Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bits & Pieces

Let's see. What's been going on this week? There are so many little things that I think of telling you, then I blog something "big" and forget all the little stuff.

For one thing, I got my hair cut and permed last week. Wes really likes my hair curly, and I must admit that it does perk me up a bit. I got the work done last Thursday. The lady said to come back for any fixes that I wanted, and by Sunday morning, it was very obvious I needed some fixin'. I looked slightly like Bozo the Clown! I went back on Monday and asked her to give me some bangs and layer my hair all over, so it would curl and not just frizz. So she layered me, and now the frizz is gone, but so is a lot of my curl. I do have lots of body, however, so it's ok. Today is the first day it's actually looked decent. I was really about to cry, because I had saved my money for several months to get this done, it took all of it, and I had a frizzy mess to show for it.

Sam's Spring Break starts tomorrow, and he was chosen to be in a tour group that will sing in church over the weekend and next week. They're going to Las Vegas tomorrow, and I'm not sure where else they'll be. So if you're in Vegas (living there!) and go to an independent Baptist church having a singing group this week, the bass singer is my boy. Be sure you say hi to him!

Speaking of Sam, it seemed like he looked for a job forever. He finally has one, and it's a great one. He signed on with Direct TV/Verizon, selling their combined package for internet, TV, and phone service. He gets a signing bonus for the first four weeks, and a certain amount per day when he sells at least one package on that day. After that sale, he makes a commission. His first week, he has made 6 sales! Lord willing, this semester will be paid for shortly, and he can begin saving for next semester. He is doing great, very excited about his job, loving school, and having the time of his life. I can't wait to see him next month! It's a bonus for us. He leaves for summer tour the day of graduation, and we won't see him this summer until his group is at our church in August.

Our church is meeting in our home again for Thursday night Bible study. Our people seem to really enjoy meeting at our house. We fix coffee and hot tea, and everyone makes themselves at home. Wes is able to take his time teaching, and we have more time for prayer requests and prayer too.

I'm considering opening an Etsy shop. I think I'd like to focus on some baby things. I'm working on a little crib quilt right now, copied from one that was given to me by a dear friend when I was expecting Beth. I don't know if I'm doing it "right," but it sure is turning out cute. I'll keep you updated on the shop, and maybe share a picture or two of my quilt blocks so far. I know I won't open it till after our trip to Georgia, because I won't be available during that time, obviously! ;) That will also give me some time to work on some of the ideas I have.

Well, I think those are all the little things that have been on my mind this week. I've been doing better at staying off the computer. Thank you all so much for your comments on my post about being addicted to this crazy thing. You were each a true blessing and encouragement to me!

Have to run . . . almost time for Bible study!


  1. Can't wait to see your ETSY shop!!

    And I'm sure your hair looks beautiful, actually I thought you were naturally curly, learn something new everyday.

    Hope you have a great time this holiday spending it with family.

    Happy Resurrection Day!

  2. Susan, I'm glad that you're happy with your hair now. My sister is learning cosmetology, and one of the things they are learning is to cut the hair right before the perm, and then perm the hair right so there is no need to trim afterwards!

    I just got my hair cut yesterday and it feels so nice to have my hair trimmed for spring! :-)

    Wow--sounds like Sam got a good job! Will this be one that he can go back to next semester? Hopefully!

    I can't wait to see your Etsy shop! I haven't put much energy into mine lately, I really should though!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I loved this newsy post. feel like sometimes it is no win. I have been trying to grow mine out, that is another subject.
    Congratulations to Sam and getting to tour, the Lord is sure preparing that young man of yours.
    Would love to see your Etsy shop, great idea.
    I have also known women just to do ANOTHER BLOG for the things they want to sell to cut out any middle man costs.????

  4. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I too thought your hair was naturally curly. I have very curly hair myself but use a flat iron to straighten it.

  5. I have determined that people who have non natural curly hair...have about one to two weeks when it looks really great...and the rest of the time it is either too long...too short..too straight...or too frizy (curly)...
    I know your are really proud of Sam and his accomplishments...both with the job and his schooling...
    good luck with your Esty shop...
    Have a wonderful Resurrection Day tomorrow...

  6. My daughter, Jewel, is considering going to West Coast for the one year Bible before starting nursing at PCC. It seems so far away from Paraguay! But I know it is a great place.

  7. To all of you who thought I was naturally curly - I just had to laugh! LOL My hair does have a nice waved to it, and it's thick, but it's not naturally curly. I have permed it many times over the years, and Wes loves it that way, so I keep alternating between straight and curly.

    As for the Etsy shop, I worked hard ONE day this week, on that quilt, and now I haven't had time since then. It's going to take some diligence and self-discipline to make it work for us.

    Tammy, for years, I got my hair cut right before the perm. Then they changed it to after the perm. Either way, I usually have to mess with it for a bit before I really like it! ;) As for Sam's job, I know he can go back to it this semester after this spring tour he's on, and I'm assuming he can resume it next semester.

    Deby, I have seen blogs like that, where it's just things for sale, and while it's a fine idea, it just doesn't appeal to me.

    Rita, I'm sure WCBC sounds a lot farther away for you than it does for us! When will she be going? I can tell Sam to watch out for her for a bit. He's very outgoing and easy to get along with, and usually puts folks at ease. Our second son, Andrew, is considering PCC, mainly because he doesn't feel called to the ministry. We have considered asking him to go to WCBC for the one year beforehand, but we'll see.

  8. Happy Easter to you and yours,
    He is Risen, HE is Risen INDEED !


  9. Jewel will be going to Paraguay with us for one year. She would be at WCBC in 2009 and PCC in 2010.
    Hmmm... you will have a son at both of those schools...hmmm. gives a mom ideas for a marriage contract! She would kill me if she knew I wrote that. LOL!!!

  10. I have been so needing to get something done with my hair. I like it longer, but it justs looks messy no matter what I do to it.

    I hope you'll let us know your Etsy experiences! I have been thinking about opening a shop there, too, but I have only been thinking of ideas so far.

  11. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Perms can be aging.Go to a decent hair salon,even if you go every 6 months, it will still look better.

    Use good quality products, you don't need much and they are so worth it.


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