Monday, February 04, 2008

Sunday in Review - February 3, 2008

Just stopping in for a minute before I finish cooking dinner to let you know how things went yesterday. Saturday night, Wes and I were both feeling our weakness to make this anniversary service and revival happen. But we know that, in our weakness is when God takes over with His strength!

We had 40 people in attendance yesterday. One or two of those were first-time visitors, but most of them are people who have attended before and were invited to come through a letter Wes sent out, or they were family members of our church folks who have visited before and came with their loved ones. Either way, we were so pleased to have everyone who came. Wes gave away two beautiful Scripture pictures again this year, one to the church member who had the most visitors, and one to a visitor. Both people seemed pleased to win them. I teased one of them that I wish he would buy me one now! He's bought them the past two years to give away, and they are indeed beautiful.

Bro. LaBouve sang quite a bit for our two services, and he preached for us each time also. Wes and the kids and I are truly, truly enjoying our time with the LaBouves! We've enjoyed meals, sightseeing, sitting around talking, and we even watched the Super Bowl. Mrs. LaBouve is quite the football fan! Remember, we had our two services back-to-back yesterday, with dinner in between - we did not plan it that way in order to watch the Super Bowl! LOL We're having dinner each afternoon around 2:00 to give Bro. LaBouve the chance to rest and study before the evening service. We're looking forward to a wonderful time tonight through Wednesday. If you live within driving distance of North Vancouver, please come and join us!

Please continue to pray for our church family and for us. We want to see the Lord work in our hearts and have ourselves grow closer to Him. It's a busy time, but so worth it to see our people enjoying godly music and good preaching, and hearing them say how one thing or another has blessed them. Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Wonderful....
    Praising the Lord for your faithfulness in Vancouver...and thankful for the felowship you are enjoying...great preaching..and singing..

  2. so happy for your good response and attendance at the revival service...
    it is always such a blessing to have the beautiful hymns and preaching in a revival...
    I pray that it will continue thru wednesday...

  3. Susan, you have my prayers:)


  4. So happy to hear about your turnout for Sunday.

    Will be praying extra for y'all this week!

  5. So glad your anniversary turned out so nice. I like to hear Bro. Labouv sing and preach.

    Hope you see some of those visitors come back and become faithful.

    Have a great weekend!


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