Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday in Review - February 10, 2008

Has it been a week already? Wow, this week has really flown by! We enjoyed our revival meetings so much. We had good crowds on Monday and Tuesday nights, with pastors and church members from area churches joining us on those evenings. On Wednesday, it was just back to our regular folks, for a much smaller crowd, but still a great spirit in the service. We so enjoyed Bro. Kurt's singing and preaching, and I was just so blessed to get to know Mrs. Dale. Though Wes and I have known Bro. Kurt for probably 18 years or so, we'd never had the chance to meet his wife. Now I have a new friend, and she was such a blessing to me this week! The LaBouves are from Georgia, so I had a fellow southern-speaking lady around. We laughed and shared stories from our lives and quickly grew to be great friends. I'm so glad the Lord allowed us to finally meet.

We had a bit of excitement at our rec centre this morning. Andrew mentioned at breakfast that he had heard on the local news radio station that there had been a shooting here in North Van last night - at OUR rec centre! Now, you have to understand that, in the US (especially in Ft. Worth), we would not have been very surprised about a shooting. But here in Vancouver, although shootings are increasing, they are still pretty rare, and very rare here in North Vancouver. Especially in the neighborhood of our rec centre. It's a quiet area, with lots of older homes, lots of families and senior citizens. Not much crime, as a general rule. So this news was pretty shocking! So we turned on the radio and found that the road in front of the rec centre was still blocked off by the police as they scanned the area for evidence and clues. Residents in the area had reported either firecrackers or gunshots coming from the parking area of the rec centre late last night, and police arrived to find a young man in his 20s sitting in his truck, already dead. Of course, the parking area was cordoned off by police this morning. We just didn't know if it was the parking area we use or the one on the south end of the rec centre. So I drove over while Wes and Andrew dressed to see if the rec centre was even open (Wes called, but no answer in the office). I arrived to find the south lot closed, but the rec centre and our north parking area open. Our rooms were open and set up as usual, so we could have our services. So after that few minutes of scrambling around to have church at our house if necessary, we quickly got things loaded into the van and made it to church in good time. By the time church was over, the police were gone. We did pray for this young man's family during our church service, and that the person responsible would be found. This time last night, that young man never expected to die within a few short hours. We have to be ready ourselves to meet the Lord, and we have to be diligent to witness to others so that they can be ready also. Life is so short!

One of our men, Bro. Ronnie Legaspi, began leading the singing for us today. Ronnie and his wife were saved in their home country, The Philippines, and he was the song leader in his fundamental Baptist church there. Wes asked him a couple of weeks ago if he'd be willing to take over that job here, and he graciously agreed. He will be coming over every Saturday to practice the songs with me, and he is choosing our songs according to a theme each week. He also has some ideas for some singing groups and ways to make our song services more efficient and interesting. We're so excited to see this new chapter in our church open! Praise the Lord for men willing to step up and serve when the pastor asks! We also have a couple of ladies who willingly took on the jobs of being the birthday secretary and the dinner coordinator. What a blessing those two are to me personally, to share the responsibility for these jobs, allowing me to help my husband in other areas! It's exciting to see our people growing and serving the Lord!

I hope to get back to posting again this week. We should have a pretty normal week, as it looks right now. I need to make a doctor's appointment, a hair appointment, and get Andrew to see another doctor about his TMJ. I also want to get my house back in shape (I have done nothing since Thursday except the basics - I've been so tired!), and maybe pick up some crafting again. Trying on some clothes the other day has inspired me to try making some of my own again, because nothing in the stores fits. Not to mention there are few styles that I like. But that's a whole 'nother post! ;) Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like an exciting day! I'm thrilled to hear of your new song leader! What a blessing that will be to the church.

  2. I know what you mean about there not being many styles I like in stores these days!!

    I have a little award for you today. :-)

  3. YES...we never know when the Lord will call us home and the poor man and his family, these stores although becoming more and more common, are sure sad.
    and you are RIGHT there is very little decent clothing in the stores anymore..most is looking like lingerie IMHO....
    Glad you had a wonderful time of revival.


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