Friday, February 01, 2008

Short On Time

Today starts the rush toward Sunday, Lions Gate Baptist Church's Third Anniversary. We're excited, but there's so much to do. Wes and I are driving down to Seattle today to pick up our speaker and his wife, then tomorrow will be filled with preparing food and running those last-minute errands. So I'll not be posting very often for the next week. I'll probably have mornings free, but not guaranteed - we still have school, and the house just refuses to clean itself, and the laundry insists on piling up if I don't pay attention to it every day! ;) I just wanted to ask you to please pray for our services on Sunday, if the Lord brings us to mind. We have our regular morning service, then a potluck dinner followed by another short afternoon service. Our revival services will be Monday through Wednesday nights. We'd sure appreciate your help in praying that visitors will come, souls will be saved, and hearts will be refreshed from the preaching. Pray for this preacher's wife especially - she needs the refreshing too!

Have a great weekend; see you next week!


  1. I pray your revival services go well and many lives are changed.

  2. Will keep you, your family and the services in prayer...

  3. We're praying here, Susan. Hope you have good services and a time of refreshment in the Lord.

  4. "The house refuses to clean itself" -- somebody needs to invent a self-cleaning one! LOL!

    I pray you'll have a good time of revival meetings.

  5. you, your church, and your revival services are in my prayers this week...

  6. Praying for all the activities going on and that souls will be saved on Sunday. ;)


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