Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Evening

Here we are to Monday again. The weeks of this new year are flying by just as quickly as last year's did! That makes me want to live on purpose, with a purpose.

I've been doing a lot of reading. I read the sequel to A Thousand Tomorrows, entitled Just Beyond the Clouds, and I've made a decision about Karen Kingsbury: her books are not to my taste, so I won't be reading any more of them. While the stories are worthwhile and exciting entertainment, she doesn't present a strong testimony of salvation, as a general rule, and that disappoints me, and I'd rather spend the time I have for entertaining reading on something that aligns itself a little closer to my spiritual values. If you like her, please don't take offense! :) We all have opinions, and I'm just stating mine - on my own blog, no less! ;)

Our car is still going crazy. Wes is taking it back to the garage this evening for more work. They replaced the water pump last week, which was definitely necessary; Wes saw it afterward and said it was in very bad shape. But the problem we were having last week is still there, exact same symptoms, only getting worse. We're set with bus tickets for the week, and hopefully it'll be all fixed again by this weekend.

Wes took me on a special date last week, since it was Valentine's. We went to the top of Grouse Mountain and tramped around in the snow, had some sandwiches for supper, watched a film about the scenery of BC, then came back down and stopped at a coffee shop on the way home. We'd like to get a year-round pass for Grouse one of these days, so that we could go up anytime we'd like. None of us are skiers, but they have snowshoeing and ice skating (which Andrew loves!) and quite a bit of summer activity too, such as hiking. The view atop the mountain of Vancouver is breathtaking, and would make a wonderful place to take visitors to show them some of the natural beauty we have here.

I hope you had a good weekend, and an enjoyable start to your new week. Hopefully I can post a bit each day this week. Sorry for being MIA lately!


  1. In many of Karen Kingsbury's other books, she is much, much more overt about clear-cut salvation decisions and other spiritual needs and decisions. For the life of me I don't know why she wasn't as clear on it in those two books.

  2. Thanks for telling me that, Barbara! I just knew, from the few books I've read by her, that I was disappointed. It's good to hear from someone who has read more of her stuff that she does focus more on salvation in other books. Do you think she's had some pressure to back off on salvation, maybe to attract more readers?

  3. I came to the same point last year regarding Karen Kingsbury's books. Like you said, they were very interesting to read and she is a very talented writer, but there were just a few too many things that didn't line up with my beliefs/convictions -- i.e., music, physical relationship standards, etc. And, again, as you mentioned, she isn't very clear about the gospel in her books, either. I don't have a problem with reading good, clean fluff every once in a while, but add the other things into the mix, and it's just not worth my time or money. :|

  4. Arlene - I understand exactly what you're talking about. I may read one of her books on a vacation or sometime when I have plenty of time, but not all the time anymore.


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