Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's Been a Busy Week

I am so sorry I haven't blogged more this week! I've been reading yours, but not posting on mine. So I'm a bit MIA here lately.

We were without our car all week. So that meant every time I went somewhere, I either walked or rode the bus. And that takes time. It also teaches you to consolidate your errands! LOL

On Thursday, I had a doctor's appointment for my annual checkup, which had been put off for a couple of months because when we renewed our visas in August, our medical coverage lapsed and our renewal paperwork kept getting lost. I had run out of my diabetes medication, but I was able to go to a walk-in clinic and have that renewed. And I needed it. The sugars, they've been a little high lately. They are coming back down now, but I wasn't really feeling all that good for a little while.

Anyway, as far as general health goes, the doc says everything looks fine. I do have an order for bloodwork next week, as well as one for x-rays on my foot. I have a knot in the arch of my right foot, and although it hasn't gotten bigger in the past few weeks, it has gotten more and more tender. So the x-rays are the beginning point to see what's up with all that.

The family in our church who allowed us to use their car the other week has offered their car again for this week. Because, you see, our car's engine has to be replaced. Yes, replaced. As in brand new engine. So that will probably take most of the week. The good news is that the new engine will have a 3-year/160,000 kilometre warranty, so that when it needs more work, it'll be covered. Maybe the whole problem has always been this engine. Wes and I both think the best way to go is the new engine; the other solution was just a patch-up to keep it running a little longer, which would probably have us back at the garage in the near future. The Lord is always faithful to supply our needs, and I don't expect Him to stop now. I'll be honest. There have been lots of ups and downs the past couple of months over this car. When we bought this van, I felt that God had given it to us. We had found it after looking and looking for something suitable for our family, and it was a price we could afford. Then it began having trouble, and I doubted if God had really given us that car or not. We have a tendency, I think, to feel that if life isn't peachy and everything running smoothly, that God must not have anything to do with it. Either He has left us or maybe the situation wasn't God's will after all. Then I remembered this one man in the Bible. He was doing everything right, but God allowed troubles - big troubles - to come into his life. In the grand scheme of things, our car trouble is nothing compared to what Job went through. But the important thing is that God was there, He was in control, and He knew exactly what was going on. And I take comfort in that.

A couple of our ladies, Beth, and I had our first ladies' fellowship of 2008 this morning. We met at Bread Garden for breakfast. We talked about lots of things, including American politics, of all things! We had a short devotion, looked at the clock, and realized we'd been sitting there for two hours! So, needless to say, we were having a nice time. I think the restaurant employees were beginning to wonder what on earth we were doing! LOL I had wanted to do up our ladies' fellowship really big, with lots of food, decorations, activities . . . but that doesn't fit our church right now. Meeting at a restaurant is perfect for us at this point.

Well, I'm off to bake a pound cake for tomorrow's dessert, and boil a chicken to make a chicken potpie for dinner. I hope you all have a great day in the Lord's house tomorrow!


  1. Oh Susan,
    I can totally relate to your car situation. 3 weeks after we arrived we finally found a vehicle and then the night we got it home it broke down. We were questioning if we had gone ahead of God or something. So Job is my hope, just praying that God was allowing a little testing.

    Glad you got your car back, sure does make life easier.

    Sounds like Ladies Fellowship was fun.
    Have a great Lord's Day

  2. Susan, that is such a good reminder. Our move to Georgia hasn't gone at all like we planned and my dh had "doubted" whether it was God's will, but truthfully God opened every door and we are in the church we feel God wants for us. It's just so hard to trust sometimes. I'll be praying for you.

  3. Anonymous7:54 AM

    When need to remember, as believers, that it is Christ's righteousness we wear that makes us acceptable to God, not our good works or the rules we keep. Then we stop expecting that God should reward our faithfulness with smooth sailing and we are free to love and serve Him without guilt and anger at unmet expectations. It's a question of legalism vs grace. May we be ever mindful of that amazing grace in which we stand, whatever the circumstances we face.

  4. It sounds as though you and your ladies enjoyed sweet fellowship together! Meeting at a restaurant is a wonderful idea. Less work for you! :-)

  5. Our Pastor's wife has had a couple of our ladies meetings at a place called Sista's. They do all southern cookin' and it is goooooood! Sounds like y'all had a good time.
    So sorry about your car, but I'm glad you'll have a brand new engine on waranty!
    AND!....I hope you and yours will be able to swing by our church when you come to the Upstate! We would sure love to have you if you could make it. :)


  6. Hope the car situations works out soon and I know God will provide. I don't know how he does it, but he always does!

  7. Thank you all for your encouraging comments and prayers. I know that everyone experiences trials, and we can all be a help to each other as we walk through them!


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