Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is it Only Tuesday?

I know, I know. I'm usually saying how fast the time is going. But we've been so busy these two days that I keep thinking surely we're farther into this week than just two days!

It's tax season, so Wes has been getting our stuff together to file our taxes. He filed our church taxes last week, but then he found out that something had to be revised, so he asked advice from a tax-wise friend who had done church taxes before. She advised him to go to the local tax centre in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver, but quite a drive for us, to fix it with a real, live tax person and save some trouble later. So first thing yesterday morning, he hopped in the car and drove to Surrey in order to be able to fix this little snafu face-to-face with a real, live tax person. When he arrived, he found one real, live tax person, who lead him to a cubicle with a phone in it, which phone, when picked up, connected directly with a real, live person. The same person he would have talked to had he called from our home! LOL He called me when he headed home to tell me his experience, and I just laughed and laughed that he had driven all the way to Surrey to use the phone! ;) He wasn't angry at all, of course, just a little befuddled.

So that started our week with a bang. I was busy most of the day yesterday in the house. I had let some things slide - things like the basket of clothes that needed ironing - so I was determined to get some order restored to our home. So I tackled that big ol' basket of clothes, and it took all over 30 minutes to finish. Why do I do this every.single.time? Why do I let the ironing pile up? Why do I put off ironing, thinking it will take sooooo long to do it, when it only takes a few minutes? If you know why, please tell me so I'll stop putting it off. Actually, I probably know the reason: I'm naturally lazy and I'd rather do something else right now than iron, thank you very much. Then I pay later. Anyway. I did some laundry and straightened up my bedroom (or Wes's office, whatever you want to call it at any given time), straightened the living room, read my Bible (made it through my reading, then fell asleep on the couch with my mouth hanging open - great show for the kids - they love it when I do that), cooked dinner, did some work on the computer, and began studying my Sunday school lesson. Beth and I exercised for an hour. And I read lots of blogs.

Today we filed our personal taxes. Our refund will greatly help pay for our car repairs, praise the Lord! It'll take about a week to get the car back. Wes and I had lunch out, which will be our date for the week. First thing this morning, like 7:00, I headed out the door to have my fasting blood work done. I was going to run across the street to have my foot x-rayed too, but that office didn't open till 8:30, so I'll have to go back for that. At 8:30, probably tomorrow morning.

So. Busy, but busy's good. And this time it's made the time seem longer instead of shorter. Which I also like. See ya later!


  1. Hi Susan,
    I did ironing for the church today.I thinking of you when I iron. ( the post about which end to use.) :) Your days sound like mine. Busy as bees.

  2. WOW! You go girl! I have the same problem with the ironing so I can't help you there. Glad your mom is better.


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