Monday, February 18, 2008

I Feel So Bad!

Most of you already know that we share our house with a younger couple and the guy's sister. They live in the basement apartment below us, and we share the laundry facilities. We have a pretty good system worked out and rarely have any problems. But this morning, when I went to dry my first load of clothes for the week, I found streaks of something plastered all over the drum of the dryer. I dried one little t-shirt, to see if it would come off on our clothes. When I went down and checked, I found that it was ooey-gooey-sticky gum! It smelled good, but I wasn't about to put my clothes in there and get it all over them!

My dilemma was this: should I clean it up myself and let it go; or should I let them know it was there and ask them to clean it up? I don't do any laundry on the weekend, and it wasn't there with my last load on Friday, so I know that it came from their laundry. Well, Wes said to let them know and ask them to clean it up. I left a note on the door. No one has been home till just a few minutes ago, when I went down to find the younger sister scrubbing away at it, with not much luck. I felt so bad! But what was I to do? What would you do? My natural inclination was to clean it up myself . . . but my common sense told me it wasn't unreasonable to ask them to clean it up! I'll go down in a few minutes and see how the girl is doing with it . . . and stick my clothes in the dryer!

I know what I would have done if I had been the one to get gum in the dryer - clean it up before they had to ask me!


  1. Alison12:18 AM

    I would definitely make them clean it up. Otherwise it would just happen again.

  2. It is very reasonable for them to be responsible. The first thing I thought of for cleaning it up would be Goo Gone. That will take gum up in a second. Otherwise she might damage the drum of the dryer trying to remove it.

  3. I would ask them to clean it up...but when I saw her working so hard at cleaning it up... I would offer to help her and show her an easier way to do it...
    I think you did the right thing...

  4. I know . . . I know . . . they should clean it up! LOL I did go down a couple of times last night to see how things were going, but she wasn't in the laundry room when I went down. It's all clean this morning. I may have to make a little something to take down, as a thank-you. They're very nice people, just young and don't think sometimes about how their actions affect others.

  5. I'm sure it was an accident, but I'd definitely expect the responsible party to do the cleaning! If you hadn't said anything, and did the cleaning yourself, how would your tenants know to be more careful next time? You definitely did the right thing by pointing it out. And making a little something to take down to them is a great way to show them that responsibility leads to rewards!

  6. I agree with everyone and yourself. Your husband was right to make sure they were held responsible... but I do understand about how it would make you feel! Thankfully, it's all cleared up now. And, I think your idea of making something sweet to bring to them is a great way to make sure everything's smoothed over and show there's no ill-will. :~)


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