Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Extra Prayer for Friends of Ours

Last summer we were blessed to have our good friends Stu and Donna Schepers with us for a visit. Stu is Canadian, and Donna is our former pastor's daughter. Until last year, they had been serving as missionaries in Alliston, Ontario, near Stu's hometown. Then the Lord stirred up their nest and called them to go to the Dominican Republic! They were here last summer on deputation, and Donna and the children spent a week with us while Stu went to Kentucky for some ministry work there (some video of the kids here and here!)

Stu and Donna left for the DR a couple of weeks ago, and she has been keeping us updated through e-mail of all they're going through. The gist of the problem is that their container, with all their household goods, is in storage at the port. This is costing them $100.00 per day. In addition, their van has been removed from their container and parked outside the container, for which there is another daily fee. The reason for the delay in getting their container is that there is a delay in getting some necessary paperwork. You guessed it: the people responsible for paperwork keep telling them "tomorrow!" So, if you would, please pray for Stu and Donna today. They can't get in their house, because they can't get their container, because they don't have the paperwork . . . it's a vicious cycle. Please pray for God's intervention and for grace and strength to handle the frustrations. Thanks!


  1. Susan: I have met the Schepers before. I will continue to keep them in my prayers.



  2. I will join in prayer.

  3. Oh dear... this all sounds very familiar!

  4. Hey we know the Schepers, we were in conference with them way back on deputation, that had to have been about 10 years ago or more. We really enjoyed meeting them and we're impressed with their desire to serve the Lord.
    I hear that they had changed fields, but didn't hear anything else.

  5. Prayers just said for them. May God bless them...

  6. Oh, how frustrating that has to be for them. Praying...

  7. I know the feeling!!!!
    We, too, have a container on the way. Neil is going to be there at the port when it arrives, and we can store it in another place until Customs gets around to process it.
    Our friend paid thousands berfore he found out he could have stored it
    somewhere else!

    I'll pray.

  8. Praying for the Lord to direct the needs in their lives... so things will work out in the Lords timing and they will be able to get on with their work...


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