Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We Had a Party!

I couldn't tell you this this morning, because it was a surprise for Beth, but we had a party tonight! Andrew and Beth's friend Carmen cooked it all up, then presented it to Wes and me . . . last Friday! We invited 4 of Beth's friends and their parents (Wes and I like to party too). One set of parents couldn't come, but the other could, so we had 8 kids and 4 parents. We managed to keep it a secret, although that almost fell through this afternoon. Sam had called to wish Beth a Happy Birthday, but she was at her piano lesson, so Andrew talked to him and mentioned that we were having a party tonight. He also said it was a secret, but Sam, being in a crowded, noisy somewhere on campus, didn't hear the "secret" part. So when he called back this afternoon, he asked Beth, "So, you're having a big party tonight?" He backed up a bit when she said, "Noooooo . . . you know we don't have the big party till we're 16!" So anyway, she didn't get suspicious until around 4:30, when Andrew had her upstairs playing a game and had the CD player cranked up so she couldn't hear a car turning into the drive and 8 people walking up to the door! ;) But by then they were here, and she was surprised, but not quite as much as we had hoped.

Beth received a set of makeup bags from two of her friends (sisters), and a gift card to Reitman's (a ladies' clothing store with enough decent clothes to make it worth shopping there!) from her brother and her other friends. Wes and I gave her a new Bible, one of the small ones that snaps closed. She saw one that Sam had when he was home for Christmas and just loved it, and I told Wes that we should get her that for her birthday. We found one for a really good price at the Preacher's Delight Conference in Tacoma earlier this month, so we snapped it up.

Beth asked for Hearty Pasta Tomato Soup, and I made rolls to go with it. The soup is a crock-pot meal, and the dough for the rolls was prepared in my bread machine, so it was an easy meal to prepare, perfect for when you're having guests. I actually modified that recipe a little to suit my family's tastes; I left out the zucchini, mushrooms, and green pepper, and added a can of red kidney beans and a little more tortellini. There was just enough left over for one bowl, so I guess it turned out ok . . . or else everyone was starving! ;) Beth also asked for Apple Crisp for dessert, so we had a large pan of that with vanilla ice cream on top. With 12 people here, that was also demolished in short order!

After we ate, all 8 of those kids went outside and tortured themselves played in the snow. Our yard looks like a herd of elephants invaded, and they were popsicles when they finally came in! That's when we had dessert and hot cocoa and coffee, and then they played a few hands of Dutch Blitz. When it came time to leave, their car wouldn't start: someone had left the inside lights on in the car when they were searching for gloves, so the battery had died. We thought at first that we had left our jumper cables in our van, which is still being repaired, but then Andrew remembered that they were in the hall closet. That boy is a lifesaver when it comes to knowing where things are! I can't tell you how many times we've sent him to look for something, even when he was a toddler, just big enough to understand what we were looking for! If it's there, he'll find it.

So it's been a good day, with a nice evening of fellowship at the end. Now I'm off to bed. We have a couple of normal (?) days before we pick up our evangelist in Seattle on Friday evening. I better make the most of them!


  1. Sounds like fun to me! I'm glad you pulled it off for a surprise for Beth. :)

  2. what a wonderful surprise for Beth... sounds like she received some really great gifts...I'm sure she will love the Bible!!

  3. Sounds like a blast!!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun time was had by all. And I am going to try the soup you mentioned!

    It's been wonderful having all of these posts from you lately. (o:


  5. Sounds like a great party and can't wait to try the recipie. Thanks for sharing. Praying for ya'll and your ministry.


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