Monday, January 28, 2008


Beth's little hamster is dying. She's well over two years old now, and she is looking very old. Her once jet-black fur is now gray and very sparse. She has a lump on her back that has been growing, and Beth looked up the possible conditions it might be and found that Sasha most likely has a tumor. This morning, Sasha was lying on her side, which is unusual for her, and not able to move more than just to shuffle around. She's also breathing very fast and shallow. We believe it won't be long till the little hammy is gone. So Beth is doing her schoolwork with Sasha wrapped in a towel and sitting on Beth's desk.

I feel so bad for the little critter! Beth is fine with her dying, as she's known all along that the average life span for this type of hamster is only two years, but we both keep saying "poor thing" every time we look at her. So Beth is keeping her company and making her comfy, waiting for the end. As I looked at Sasha this morning, I was reminded that God sees even the sparrow that falls. I don't have any notions about an animal heaven or animal souls, but if God cares about a little bird, maybe He cares about a little hammy too!


  1. oh Susan...I feel so bad for her.....praying for her and you as you comfort her.

  2. Hannah has buried three hamsters. The first one hit her really hard. But the second and third she handled pretty good. I do believe God cares about our little pets for two reasons. Because we love them and He loves us and because He created them. I pray Sasha doesn't suffer long.


  3. Oh, that IS so sad :( Poor little thing...I had a rabbit that died once...I took it so hard that I never wanted any other animal as a pet again. Praying for little of God's little creatures.

  4. Beth is a very caring young lady, she shows compassion for her little hamster... so you know that she will be a very loving wife and mother someday...
    blessings to you and to her as she deals with the loss of her pet...

  5. I'm so sorry about this! My Sabrina was our animal lover and your Beth reminds me of her! Bless her heart!


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