Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vancouver Weather

On my Snowy Day post, which was just pictures of the snow in our yard (plus the mini snowwoman that Beth made!), Mrs. C left a comment asking if we get a lot of snow here in Vancouver. The short answer is . . . No. Not usually.

Vancouver is situated on the southwestern coast of Canada, about 150 miles due north of Seattle, WA. We have a very temperate climate here, especially compared to the rest of Canada. We have dry summers, with temps usually around 80 degrees, at the most. Fall, winter, and spring are usually very rainy, with over half of the winter days having rain. According to the Wikipedia article on Vancouver, we get an average of 11 days per year of snowfall, with only 3 of those days receiving 2.5 inches or more of snow. From our experience, if it snows one day, it will warm up enough to change it to rain fairly quickly and wash away what little snow we had. Our temps rarely dip below freezing, maybe once or twice a winter. In fact, even with the snow we've had this week, the temps have hovered right at or just above freezing.

Now for this week. It started snowing late Monday night, then all day Tuesday. Then it snowed again overnight Tuesday night. At our house, we have about a foot of snow, give or take an inch or two. And it's still snowing, mixed with rain. We haven't had any significant accumulation since Tuesday night. The weather forecasts say snow/rain mix at least through Sunday, and then snow again on Wednesday. But that's the thing about Vancouver forecasts; you can't rely on them! We have literally heard the forecast change from clear skies and mild temps to cold and rainy in the same day. So we prepare for the general outlook (always carry an umbrella and a jacket!), but don't get too excited about any particular forecast! ;)

Lots of people assume that we must have piles of snow and frigid temps just because we live in Canada! Not true for Vancouver! Lots of rain, but usually not lots of snow. We are blessed not to have to shovel very much snow at all. In fact, Wes just bought our first snow shovel Wednesday; until then, we hadn't needed one, and this is our fourth winter in Canada! So now you know something about Canada, and you can tell all your friends that not everyone in Canada muddles through snow all winter!


  1. You're not too far from my sis-n-law!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing about the weather in your part of Canada. I'm going to share this with the kids in our map study time tomorrow. :)|

  3. When I am watching our local news (King5) I watch to see what you are getting up your way.....
    Often the same as here a little south of you...

  4. haha, I think I need to move to the west coast.....we live in Ontario, and the snow this year is atrocious. This is my third winter and I think the worst one yet. I am just not a snow person! :) I have been to the west coast a few times, and it was just beautiful. Enjoy your snow and know we have so much more here!

    P.S. Note to self -- be content, be content, be content! :)


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