Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday in Review - January 27, 2008

A Sunday in Review? It's been a long time! I think the last one I did was in November. When there's not so much to report, I just don't think to do them. But this week, I have something to report!

After church yesterday, the mother of my one little Sunday school student came into the room to see if she could help with packing up my stuff and carrying things out to the car. She turned to me, and said, "Mrs. Hutchens, I want to tell you what happened last week." Last Sunday night, after church, her little girl was crying inconsolably. When her mom asked her what was wrong, brokenheartedly she said, "We don't have enough money to pay for my sins, Mommy! What are we going to do?" Mom immediately realized that her little girl was under conviction! Little R. sobbed that she had so many sins, and she didn't want to go to Hell. Mom gladly told her precious little girl that she didn't have to pay for her sins, that Jesus had already done it for her when He died on the cross. She helped her daughter understand that all she had to do was ask Jesus to forgive her sins, and He would, and she didn't have to pay for her sins. A few minutes later, R. asked Jesus to forgive her sins! My little Sunday school student was saved!

How thrilled I am to tell you this story! While there was a slight misunderstanding about "paying for your sins" with money, R had the basic idea that she was a sinner and she couldn't do anything about it (neither could her parents!). What a blessed relief we have in Jesus! Wes and I are absolutely thrilled that R is saved. Our prayer is - and has been - that she would be saved early in life and spend her whole life serving God. Her parents are one of our most faithful couples, and they are doing a great job of raising their little girl. Praise the Lord that their entire family is now safe in Christ!


  1. Praise the Lord!! These things make all the hard things we go through so worth it, don't they? (o:

    Many Blessings,

  2. Praise God! What a wonderful blessing...thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. What an inspiration for you to keep on keepin' on each week! Our words do sink into these little people's hearts and minds. :)

  4. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Jesus said that we are to bring the little ones to Him. I'm sure your dedication and work with the children is a huge blessing to their families and the children themselves.

    My only concern, and I share in a spirit of love and humility, is that you are careful of an easy-believism where everyone who "accepts Jesus into their heart" is automatically considered a believer. I'm not talking so much about little children, who have not reached the point of being accountable for their choices. Of course we are to share the gospel with our little ones (through our words and through our example). I'm referring to the many people today who think that because they prayed a prayer at some point (perhaps as a child), they must be saved. But Jesus said that many will say "Lord, Lord" and He'll say "I never knew you".

    Justification, repentance, dying to self and living by the power of the Holy Spirit need to be fully understood and then the test is the good fruit that comes from being truly connected to the vine.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment.

    Tracy B.

  5. Hi, Tracy! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I also thank you for your concern that we not have an "easy believism" mentality. I just want to assure you that we do not! The child mentioned here is from a home with two saved parents, and she has been in church from birth. She has heard the Gospel her entire life, and has recently become aware that she is indeed a sinner. That's why I was so thrilled to hear that she was so upset that she had "so many" sins that she couldn't possibly pay for them, and she knew she couldn't go to Heaven because she was a sinner. Her mother dealt with her thoroughly, explaining to her that, because Jesus loved her, He died to pay for her sins, so that she wouldn't have to. As a result of carefully talking with R, her mother had her pray and ask Jesus for forgiveness of her sins. Simple repentance and faith. All that are required for salvation.

    I've been in a Christian (saved) family for 36 years, and made sure of my own salvation 15 years ago, and I have never found a place in the Bible that says we have to understand repentance, justification, dying to self or living by the power of the Holy Spirit **before** a person can be saved. If that were true, I'm afraid I still wouldn't be saved! But I **have** seen in Scriptures to come with the faith of a child, to repent and believe and be saved. In that sense, believing IS easy. However, I don't believe in the 1-2-3, repeat after me type of "conversion."

    Thank you again, Tracy! I appreciate everyone's feedback on my posts, even when I don't completely agree!

  6. Praise the Lord!!

  7. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Thanks for clarifying, Susan. I shared because it just weighs heavily on my heart that many who truly believe they are saved and will enter heaven one day (because they prayed a prayer once, or responded to an altar call, or grew up in a Christian home, or attended church, etc.) actually will not. Those verses must be the most tragic in the Bible! We just need to be careful pronouncing some "saved" and affirming that to them when we don't know their heart. I guess that's why each of us is told to work out our own salvation (with fear and trembling!). Again, I'm not talking about little children, who I believe would be with the Lord regardless.

    Btw I agree that we don't need to understand justification etc. BEFORE we are saved. We can't possibly even begin to understand spiritual things until we have mercifully been given spiritual life.

    Thanks for being so gracious. Maybe we don't disagree so much after all! Thanks for being so passionate about seeing others come to Christ.

    In Him

  8. I'm glad we clarified things, Tracy. I never want to mislead someone into thinking they are saved when they are not, but at the same time, the Bible is clear that salvation is repentance and faith, plus nothing, minus nothing! While some make it to simple (such as repeat this prayer), others make it more complicated than it is. Thanks again for reading!

  9. Praising the Lord with you Susan!!!


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