Friday, January 25, 2008

More on Reading

What a response to my request for more good authors to read! Thank you all for your suggestions. I took a little time yesterday to look on my library's online catalogue to see if they had any of the authors you mentioned, and they do have some of them, although only a handful of their books. Christian fiction is not as available in the library here as it was down south! ;)

Here's a list of the authors you all suggested:

Lawana Blackwell

Jan Karon

Cindy Woodsmall

Tracie Peterson

Jamie Langston Turner

Melanie Jeschke

Carol Gift Page

Hilda Stahl

Brock and Bodie Thoene

Another author that was recommended as good, but not necessarily a Christian author, is Laura Childs.

I think that gives me plenty to choose from! And do you know what? As I was looking over my bookshelves, I came across some books by some of these very authors that I didn't even realize I had! How goofy am I? LOL

Happy Reading!


  1. Since you are a southern gal, you might enjoy Eugenia Price. Her novels are civil War era.

  2. I love Jan Karon's Mitford series. Some of her theological takes would be different from ours, and there is an ecumenical thread in her books, but she's clear on salvation, and if you read her stories not so much as Christian fiction but as Mayberry-type stories, she's great. I've also read Turner (good but more erudite than most Christian fiction) and Tracie Peterson. I read a lot of the Thoenes' books years ago, and they are wonderful storytellers, but just a time or two got a little too explicit for my tastes. Their series on Zion really made the time of Israel's statehood come alive.

    You mentioned in the earlier post Lori Wick, Beverly Lewis, Janette Oke, and Francena Arnold. I love those, too. I haven't read the other authors mentioned.

    I also like Terri Blackstock, Dee Henderson, and Sharon Hinck.

    Karen Kingsbury is a favorite of many. She is a good storyteller, but I don't know if she's the best skilled writer. I really like some of her things but don't care for others. I do feel she's a little too descriptive sometimes (only in a few books) sexually, but she does it in the sense of showing how easy it is to fall prey to temptation in an unguarded moment, so I think she's trying to warn people against letting themselves get into that position.

    A prolific author who is not terribly well known is Catherine Palmer. As far as I can remember I have loved her books and don't remember any objectionable elements in them.

    I've also enjoyed books by T. Davis Bunn and Judith Pella, but I have only read a few of their things.

    I'll have to check out some of the other you've mentioned. I've wanted to read Wanda Brunstetter for some time now.

  3. Susan ~ I'm so glad you put this information together. I've not liked what I've seen in most modern Christian fiction and always end up walking away without buying anything. I enjoyed most all the authors you mentioned having read in your first post. I love the Jan Karon series (just put up a quote by her today - lol). I like Lawana Blackwell's Gresham Series. But almost everything else on this post's list are unread territory for me. Yippee! ;o)

  4. I'd like to add another author to your list: Michael Phillips. I would start with his "Secret of the Rose" series if you can. Michael is a deep author, who has the ability to express through his characters theological viewpoints that he may or may not hold. His "Carolina Cousins" series is not at the same level as his other works, so don't judge everything he has written by these works.

  5. Thank you for the booklist! I was lamenting with my mother about the lack of good reading material not too long ago. I'll send her this way.

    I enjoy the Theone books, but some of them are more explicit than I'm comfortable with. The Zion series are the best historical fiction I've ever read though.

  6. Ohh, I will have to come back and check these authurs out. I am a big fan of Non-Fiction, but a really good fiction book could keep my atttention too:)



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