Thursday, January 03, 2008

Like a New Desktop Background?

Wes and Andrew have worked hard the past few months to create a calendar for our church family to use this year, and Wes has saved the background pictures to our church's website, free to download and use as desktop backgrounds. Please feel free to pop over there to look at the backgrounds and use them for your desktop, if you wish. Andrew did all of the graphic work, finding the pictures (which Wes purchased for our use), choosing the complementing colors, placing the text on each one, and special effects - all that stuff I know nothing about! He really does great work, and he is willing to do some graphics work for those who might need some done! ;) He also has a blog, Angus Graphic and Template Design, where you can see some of the other work he has done. He hasn't posted in a while, but there are at least some things to look at.

Also, I forgot to tell you the results of the Logo Design Contest Andrew was in. His design was set B. Naturally I thought his was the best, but unforutnately, his entry was not the ultimate winner. Thanks to all of you who went by to vote; many of you sent me e-mails to say which one you chose - and they were his!


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  3. I made a bunch of typos writing my post & trying to re-post it which is why there are 2 removed posts by me. It read like gibberish in some parts lol. And I am reposting what I wrote here again but without all the spelling errors.

    That's what I get for watching Leave It To Beaver re-runs while reading blogs lol. June Cleaver did say something really good to Beaver on there. She was telling him how God watches you all the time & everything you do & how God is displeased when you do something wrong...

    Now here is what I was trying to post lol. The new desktops are really nice and beautiful. Your hubby did a great job... :).

  4. Those pictures are beautiful, are they all of Vancouver? Happy New Year to you.

  5. Beautiful pictures....and talented son....

  6. The desktop background are really beautiful! I'll be going back to check them out some more. I haven't been very good at blog reading the last month and I didn't realize that Andrew was in a contest. I wish I had known! I'm sure his designs were the best...even though he wasn't the ultimate winner.


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