Monday, January 14, 2008

I Am Still Alive

Hi, everybody! We haven't fallen off the face of the earth, at least not yet, anyway! ;) I took a longer blog break than expected. We were out of town the first half of last week to the annual Preacher's Delight conference at Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, WA. We went last year, and decided then that we wanted to make it an annual affair for our family. So, in the midst of car repairs, temporary rentals, and ferrying Sam back and forth to WA, we set forth on Monday morning. We had a great time; the preaching is the highlight for us, especially for Wes. He enjoys getting to hear the preaching for a little bit instead of having to do the preaching. We bought a few books and some music and enjoyed some fellowship with old friends and made some new ones. We also did some shopping - Beth and I had need of some new things, and Andrew and Wes also found a few things they needed. I haven't added up the total value of the things we bought, but we were blessed to buy almost everything for 75-90% off the original prices, thanks to the after-Christmas sales.

After arriving home Wednesday night, we started school again on Thursday morning. It was not a pretty sight. Neither the kids nor I wanted to get started again! LOL But we did, and today things were pretty much back to normal. My human flesh does not like to work and put itself under subjection, so it's a struggle after a vacation or holidays - both of which we've enjoyed for the past 3 weeks. Beth and I also started back on our exercise today too. The flesh really complained about that one, but we both do feel better after getting a little movement. We had to work the kinks out!

Our car is still in the shop. Last night marked four weeks since our accident. I would never have believed it would take this long to get the ball rolling on the repairs or to hear from the insurance company once they started the repairs. Our car is a 2000 minivan, and the amount of damage is very close to the book value of the car, so we're not sure if they will repair it or total it. I don't like uncertainty, so this is really testing my faith and patience. I'm normally the type that says, "God's going to take care of this. He knows where we are," and I have said that over and over again. But there have been moments of frustration and doubt, and I haven't handled them well. So this is a time for the Lord to work on me, polishing up that meek and quiet spirit I so want to have! A quiet spirit would not get all riled up at the insurance company for not telling us all the details from the beginning, nor would it yell raise her voice to her husband when he's trying to explain what's going on and she doesn't understand! No matter how hard I try, I still haven't arrived on the meek and quiet spirit scene! ;)

We had the privilege to meet another missionary family Sunday night, the Lendvoy family, church planters going to Williams Lake, BC. They presented their burden for Williams Lake in our church service, then they came over to our home for supper afterwards. We invited our church family to join us, but only two people were able to come. However, one of those people was a teen, and with the teen daughter of the Lendvoys, our two had some game-playing partners, which suited all four of them just fine. We had a great time of fellowship with this family. Isn't it amazing how people from two different countries can meet and have comfortable, sweet fellowship immediately?!! We get to have that experience over and over again as we meet missionaries coming through the Vancouver area to raise support. It's one of the things I love about being a pastor's wife!

So I'm back home, back into a fairly normal routine, and working on those New Year's goals for the year. I have to admit that some are easier to accomplish than others, but I'm trying to keep them before me and before the Lord, constantly seeking His help for this weak flesh, to be all that He desires. I hope that your days are full of the joy of the Lord as well, as you work toward your goals in your homes and families. I'll try not to be missing in action any more - have a great week!


  1. I am now totally sympathetic toward your car repair woes . . . my husband hit a deer on his way to church Sunday night (or did the deer hit him?) We thought the damage was limited to a headlight, then discovered the hood won't open, so when my husband took the car to the repair shop, he got an estimate of $1700 to fix it (with a note that there might be hidden damage), and we believe the car is only worth $2200. Now we wait for someone from the insurance company to come and look at it. The other available car I can't drive (it's a standard with a terribly stiff clutch) and my husband can only drive short distances, so we will have to rely on our daughter to drive us around if she's available. What a fiasco! A new car was not in the plan. Anyway, this is a long-winded way of letting you know you're not alone.

    I enjoy your blog, especially the way you are so honest about your struggles. You are a kindred spirit.

  2. Susan ~ It is SO good to see you back on the blog. You were missed!

    Glad you are getting back into a routine; I KNOW how hard that can be! But it sounds like you all have a wonderful time away. I'm praying that you were hear something on your van soon!!

  3. Susan...
    I know how hard it is to trust the Lord for things, that are so out of our control...and when things don't move as fast as we like or think we need....I KNOW this feeling and lack of faith personally, is like Lord, I believe, help my unbelief...or Lord, I have faith, help my lack of faith....and forgive me for my doubt....
    I was so so so....sad that we didn't make it to the Preacher's Delight...that church is about 1/2 or less from us....and we would have loved the preaching...but was not in the Lord's plan ....
    and now you are back in the are doing good..and the Lord blessed you with new friends and fellowship....
    WE WILL God's perfect timing..and I can't wait...
    btw..I am feeling MUCH better, dh has it...we listened to a sermon Sunday morning on line from Pastor Craig Houston, Westside Baptist Church, good...but miss REAL church....(whine)

  4. Phyllis6:43 AM

    Hi Susan,
    I'm glad you're back. I enjoy reading you blog. So glad I found it.

  5. I so need to get into exercising regularly. It's been more hit-or-miss (mostly miss).

    I think the meek and quiet learning curve is a lifelong one. :-)

  6. glad you were able to be encouraged at the conference!

  7. Glad you back!!!

    Will be lifting you up in prayer for peace with the car!

  8. You were in my neck of the woods. Tacoma is not far from here.

  9. "Isn't it amazing how people from two different countries can meet and have comfortable, sweet fellowship immediately?!!" Yes, it is amazing, but then we're family and God binds our hearts!!

    I had to giggle at your post, it was a little comical. I know exactly what you're talking about when you said it wasn't a pretty sight getting back to school. It's difficult to get back in the swing of things. But I'm glad you did.


  10. Welcome back, Susan! I have missed you!

  11. I have been gone as well. And I am rebelling against the exercise start up!

  12. WELCOME BACK to the "happening blogging scene"!!! Missed you!
    Boy can I ever feel your pain of hating the "not knowing and hurry up and wait" frustrations! IZ'm just like that. lso, getting back into the groove of homeschooling--grrr! after holidays or company staying with us or summer vacation or illness, etc..... But God is gracious and sees to it that we get going! I wish you well as you exercise and follow your food plan you mentioned in an earlier post. Get those blood sugars under control!
    I love missionaries too! I recently did a post about that.

  13. I bet you do have a meek and quiet spirit like any good Southern girl, but we are still only human! LOL.

    I have been thinking about that too, like not getting upset easily when things go wrong. Pray and let God handle it would be good, but not always easy for me!


    It is hard to get back into a routine right after vacation----before I can even start--I have to get the laundry


  15. I'm so sorry to hear that you are still dealing with your car situation. I don't understand why these things take so long (dealing with insurance co.), but they just seem to. : (

    I'm with you on not wanting to start up school again! Ugh! I do enjoy getting back into a routine after the holidays, but correcting and grading papers--no way! Blech!

    Have a good rest of your week Susan! : )

  16. Susan ~ I'm so glad you enjoyed your time in WA. I hope your van gets repaired soon and that the insurance part is sorted out to your benefit. Sounds like y'all are back into the routine of life. Vacations are fun, but routine is good, too.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  17. :) Blog breaks are a necessity aren't they?? I am always *gone* longer than I intend to be. Welcome back and praying your car situation gets better!

  18. Welcome back. Glad you had a good time. Would that happen to be Bro. Stone's church?

    Praying for the car and schooling, we're facing the same. uhmmmm!

  19. Welcome back! You were missed.

    My hubby hit a deer at nite yrs ago & it was scary for us. Some yrs back we went riding with my folks to look at Christmas lights & my mom hit a deer. I immediately started praying, Not for me but for my folks & my hubby saying Dear Lord I know we're all gonna die but please don't let my mama & daddy & hubby die. We survived but the car had to get fixed. Best wishes with the car repairs...


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