Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He's in the Air

Our boy is on the plane, Lancaster-bound. Wes dropped Beth and me off at Metro Baptist Church last night around 6:30, where I had to say goodbye to Sam and then go in and take care of babies. Yes, I cried; but it was good for me to go in and have those babies take my mind off of Sam leaving! Within a few minutes all was well. Wes just called and said he's back in Canada and Sam is safely on the plane and on his way.

I slept well last night, considering Wes wasn't home. I hate going to bed alone, but once I'm in there and asleep I'm ok. I wanted to stay awake and read for half the night, but by midnight I was falling asleep, so I gave in and went to sleep. My read-in-bed time is limited to when Wes is gone for a night, so that's always my plan when I know he's going to be gone. But last night I couldn't stay awake past midnight! I must be getting old! ;)

My mom sent me some pictures yesterday of my dad's lips. Why would she do that, you might ask? It is a bit odd to take pictures of someone's lips, but my dad's lips are badly swollen right now. He does yard work for a living, and he must have gotten into something on Friday and touched his mouth somewhere along the way. His lips are swollen to an unnatural size. It does look kinda funny, but at the same time, I hurt for him. It just looks like it would hurt. I haven't talked to them today to see how he is, but Mother said last night that he would be going to the doctor today if the swelling hasn't gone down. I'm asking something I've never asked before: pray for my dad's lips! LOL

Wes talked to the mechanic who is fixing our car yesterday, and he said it will be at least another week before the car is ready. So it's another week in "The Roller Skate," so named by my husband. He is 6'4" tall and weighs over 250 pounds; the car we're driving right now is a tiny little Mazda 3. He puts this car on! ;) Even I have to just fall into the thing, and it's a good thing that we only have two kids at home right now. It's a small back seat. But it's a zippy little ride, so that makes it fun. And I love how easy it is to park! Parking spaces here are small and traffic is usually heavy, so I get a little nervous parking our van. But The Skate is so easy to just zip right in and out of those little parking spaces!

Not much happening today. Beth and I are working Metro's nursery again tonight so that all of their ladies can be in the preaching service. We just fell in love with those bitty people last night - two little boys and a baby girl. I hope you all have a good day today!


  1. Susan ~ Praying your dear Sam has a safe travel and a wonderful semester. Hoping your dad's allergic reaction is subsiding. Pray your van is fixed soon!! Oh, and I bet those little babies are a delight to hold and play with! :o)

  2. I'm sorry you had to say bye to Sam again. I'm sure that's always hard for you.

    I'm also sure the little babies enjoy you and Beth as much as they enjoy you.


  3. I hope your son has a great time at college! My husband and I love to go to their conferences.

  4. Most of our college students at church left this weekend--it's always hard to say goodbye to them, but I can't imagine being "the mama" and having to say goodbye. Praying for you...

  5. Praying for you and for your son, and for your Dad's LIPS...OUCH!


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