Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my sister Rebekah's birthday! I'm so proud of the beautiful young woman she has become! I was already married when Bekah was born, so she and I never lived in the same house together, and we moved away when she was about a year old. Every time we're together is a time to get reacquainted and grow our relationship a little bit more. She is a talented singer, pianist, cook, and baker - you should see her cakes! She is helping our brother at his church by playing the piano for the services. Most of all, she is waiting on the Lord by sweetly serving Him while living at home with our parents. Happy Birthday, Bekah! We love you!

Here's Rebekah, on the left, with our parents and our oldest brother, who also lives at home with Mother and Daddy. This was at my youngest brother's church in December.


  1. Happy Birthday to Rebekah....
    also today is my son's and another person in blogland..hmmm what is it about the 24th?????
    Nice picture...enjoyed seeing it...

  2. Phyllis7:33 PM

    I haven't seen your family in years. They look great.

  3. Happy birthday Rebekah!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Rebekah! :o)

  5. Happy Birthday to Rebekah:)

  6. Happy Birthday Rebekah...


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