Thursday, January 03, 2008

Goals for the New Year

It looks like I'm starting a series . . . Bible Reading for the New Year, Goals for the New Year . . . it's totall unintentional, I assure you. I'm not good at series posts! It takes too much brain power to put together a series, and I don't have a lot of brain power to spare. So. Goals for the New Year.

I hadn't written down any specific goals (or how to reach them) until this morning, when I read Mrs. T's post about the goals she has set for 2008. She asked what goals we had made for ourselves, and I answered with a list of the things I'd been mulling over for the past few days, very similar to her goals, and very broad. So that lead me to make a real list that I could print out, so I copied my comment on her blog (isn't that pitiful, to have to copy my own comment?!) into a new document. There were my goals, all nice and neat. I even added an extra one. But then the teaching of many years of sitting under a goal-oriented pastor, prodded me to say, "Yes, Susan, you have all these goals; now how are you going to reach them?" My pastor was not only goal-oriented, but he also believed in breaking goals down into manageable bits that would help one accomplish those goals. For example, if one of my goals was to lose weight, how would I accomplish that? I would have to take specific steps to lose weight - eat better foods, exercise a certain amount, drink more water - so I would need to decide what foods I would eat, how often and for how long I would exercise, and how much water I would try to drink each day. These are things to aim for! My pastor always said, "If you aim at nothing, you're bound to hit it." So profound! LOL

So, having said all that, I thought I'd share my goals with you, and just a thing or two under each that I will do to help me achieve that goal. Rest assured that I am not sharing everything with you; only one or two things to show how I plan to accomplish each goal. You ready?

1. To grow in the Lord by spending more time in the Bible and prayer.
- Pursue Bible studies each week: Holy Women, Ladies of Grace studies, make my own
- Memorize Scripture – 15 minutes per day, topics pertinent to my life (diligence, marriage, parenting, etc.)

2. To be a more active witness.
- Give at least 5 tracts per week as I’m about town
- Seek to befriend neighbors (Eva, Laura, others) and begin to witness to them

3. To go to bed at an earlier time than I do now, consistently.
- Begin to get ready for bed by 10:00 p.m.

4. To bring my blood sugar back under control by healthier eating and daily exercise.
- Attend diabetes education class as soon as possible
- Specific exercise program 3 times per week (M,W,F)

5. To become a better homemaker by having a more consistent routine and focusing on the art of homemaking.
- Write down cleaning routines
- Read books about homemaking and the art involved, try new ideas

6. To read more.
- Make a reading list for the year, possibly divided by season
- Set aside time to read each day
(I have a list of categories I'd like to read from, such as biographies and fiction)

7. To craft more.
- Set aside time to craft each day
- Begin making small gifts from tutorials online
(I have tons of ideas listed under this one)

8. To grow as a pianist.
- Set aside time to practice each day
- Prepare an offertory arrangement each week, even if it's just a hymn - make it mine

I'll ask the same question Mrs. T asked: Do you have any goals for 2008? And I'll add this question: How do you plan to reach your goals? Please share with us!


  1. I hadn't thought about making goals for myself.....until now. I'm going to sit down and make up a list of my own, what a good idea. I like how you've added the ways you will achieve those goals. I think I might even "borrow" some of your goals!

  2. These are some wonderful goals Susan! My Pastor always says that "If you aim for nothing that's probably what you'll hit."

    One thing I'm doing differently in my goals for this year is asking the Lord what He would like me to work on and in what order. I know what I'd like to see change but I also know that I'm nothing but dust and can't doing anything worthwhile in my own strength--I think that's where I've gone so wrong in the past. It was a work of the flesh, not the Spirit.

    So this year in my prayer time I'm asking the Lord what He would like me to work on first. Hopefully I'll glean better results this year. (o:


  3. The best thing about your list is that, with the Lord's help, everything is doable! :)

    Mrs. C

  4. Susan ~ one of my favorite quotes is "A goal without a plan is just a wish"! Happy New Year.

  5. I quit making new yrs resolutions cuz I never kept them. But the one you made on diabetes is good & one I oughta do. My sugars are going from high to low & back. I'd like to see them in good levals. And also the Bible reading. I need to do better on it...

  6. I set up an Etsy Shop a couple of months ago, but am just now working on stocking it. Look forward to seeing yours!

    Hey, I like Emilie Barnes and Sandra Felton too! I have Sandra Felton's book, "The Messie's Manual" (library book sale) I refer to it a lot, but I don't really consider myself to be messie, just like to read about organizing.

  7. I have them in my mind...not on paper are ahead...
    I want to learn how to effectively and correctly learn how to LEAD SOMEONE to the LORD.....
    LOSE weight....for many reasons....start a mild exercise program
    READ through my Bible every year
    do some heavy duty purging in my home....
    Be a more effective witness to my neighbors ..this past year U have tended to hibernate...STUDY...PRAYER....
    and develope a deeper prayer life.
    Minor stuff
    and IF none of these are on the Lord's agenda for willing to be willing and say "not my will but HIS"
    now I think I have to copy and paste them into a document...even IF there are typos...which usually there are..I seldom check

  8. I haven't really sat down and made up goals for myself. I keep thinking of them, but I think part of me is afraid to get specific so that I don't end up failing.

    Our pastor brought up a theme for this year -- Supplicate in 2008! :P I think that's an issue I really need to work on, for sure. Focused prayer time is so important, and yet something with which I struggle.

    I'm glad you shared your goals and ways to actually implement them; that takes courage and real thought. Very inspiring... perhaps I will get serious about some things to change in my life and family, as well.

    P.S. Have you ever heard of Stevia? It is a sugar substitute that is actually from an herb, so you don't need to worry that it has crazy chemicals and what-not in it. A friend of ours recently told us good things about it (they are an elderly missionary couple and have dietary issues so this is what they have switched over to.) I even tried a bit, and it was good! :)

    If you can't get any over there and are interested in trying some out, let me know, and I'll see about sending you some! :)


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