Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today is our baby girl's 15th birthday! She got snow for her present, about 8 inches' worth so far. Of course, that's not from us, but it is a lot of fun to have so much snow on your birthday!

I thought I'd celebrate our girl by telling you 15 things about Beth.

1. Beth was my easiest baby to deliver.
2. She has a calm, easy-going personality.
3. She loves babies.
4. And baby animals, especially puppies.
5. She is very tall, right about 6 feet.
6. She is learning to play the piano, and doing very well at it (even if she doesn't believe that she is).
7. She is very feminine, but not into frills and lace - just give her a denim skirt and a top and she's happy.
8. She has very modest taste in clothes, both in style and color and in fit.
9. She loves Jane Austen movies.
10. She makes the very best cookies I've ever eaten.
11. She is very neat and enjoys making things clean.
12. She has a gentle spirit.
13. She thinks her Daddy, Grandpa, and Papa hung the moon.
14. She's very confident and sure of herself.
15. She has a heart for the Lord.

Happy Birthday, Beth! Your Dad and I love you with all our hearts and thank God for you everyday. Our lives are richer because of you!


  1. Happy birthday Beth...
    My daughter Melissa is 5'11...tall is good....
    I am sure you are just as wonderful as your mom said...and tell your mom for you both to come over and enter my giveaways...I will mail to you..
    you know you BOTH can sign up....

  2. Happy Birthday Beth, you sure sound like a very special young lady.
    God bless!

  3. Happy Birthday, Beth!

    I'm sure your just as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside! :)

  4. What a very pretty girl!

    Happy Birthday Beth!

  5. Happy Birthday to Beth! She sounds like a sweet young lady!

  6. Happy birthday Beth! Have you started driving? That was the really big thing with my girls when they were your age.

    May I say that you've been tagged..
    if you would like to play along please visit my blog for the rules.

  7. Happy Birthday Beth...you sure are a virtuous young lady, have a most blessed day :)

  8. Happy, happy birthday, Beth!! I hope your day is wonderful watching the snow!

    I would never have known you were 6feet tall! You picture doesn't look it! LOL! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Beth!!!
    you are a beautiful young lady..and I would say that your mother is very proud of you!!

  10. A very happy birthday, Beth! =)

  11. Thank you all for your birthday wishes for Beth! Darlene asked about driving . . . here in BC, no one can get their learner's permit until they are 16, and even then, there are strict rules for driving. My kids hate it, but Wes and I kind of like it! LOL

  12. Happy birthday young lady... :)

  13. Happy Birthday Beth!

  14. Happy Birthday Beth. Boy, she is tall. She's is such a talented girl and very sweet, too.


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