Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy Days

It seems like I just turn around good before another week is gone! Where did New Year's go?! I'm still mulling over and implementing my New Year's goals, and here it is the third weekend in the new year already.

Samuel heads back to Lancaster on Tuesday. He isn't coming home from WA until Monday morning, as he's staying to be in the services at Evergreen Baptist Church, the church that allowed him to use their office facilities as a temporary home while he's been working in Bellingham. He's staying there to say "thank you" to the church family, and they're even letting him preach Sunday night - music to a young preacher's ears! Wes and I sure are grateful to Pastor Tavv Shaver and his family and church for opening their arms to our boy!

Today I have plans to do some housework, get my Sunday school lesson ready for tomorrow, and hopefully get some reading in. I keep wanting to make a list of the books I want to read this year, but I haven't sat down to actually put it all on paper yet. I do have a list of books that my library offers that is kept for me online on my library's web site. That's a start, anyway. Then there are other books here at home that I want to read or re-read this year. My biggest problem is having a time to sit down and read. I'm so very disorganized that I just plop down to read, then realize there was one more thing I needed to do somewhere else. So I either get up to do that (good for whatever needed doing) or ignore it and do it later (not so good for keeping the home running smoothly!). Or I have to go somewhere. For some reason, the past few weeks have been full of going somewhere. I'm ready to stay home!

Our church's third anniversary is coming up soon, the first Sunday in February. In addition to having our annual Anniversary Sunday service, we're also having our very first Anniversary Revival. This is something Wes has wanted to do all along, so he is excited about it. We're having Evangelist Kurt LaBouve with us Sunday through Wednesday. Bro. LaBouve is legally blind, but he composes his own songs and plays the piano and sings, as well as preaches. We first met him at our sending church years ago, and we're so pleased to have him and his wife coming to visit with us for our anniversary. Please be in prayer for our anniversary services; we'd love to see souls saved and Christians strengthened and encouraged.

Also in February, I'm planning to start our ladies' fellowship meetings again. We'll only meet once a quarter, but that's better than not at all! I think the theme for February's meeting will be "From the Heart" or something similar, and focus on serving God, as women, with our whole hearts. I will be open about this. If we were in a typical church in the US, I would know exactly how to conduct ladies' meetings, what topics to focus on, and what activities to choose. But here in Vancouver, the ladies in my church are from various nations and cultures, we have just as many single ladies, maybe more, as we do married ladies, and the foods and interests are quite often different than those of American ladies. So I am learning as I go what these ladies enjoy, and sometimes I feel at a loss when planning these meetings. So please help me pray about our ladies' meetings too. I'm not here to make an American ladies' group out of my European and Asian and Canadian ladies; I'm here to bless them where they are, not where I came from.

I hope you all have a great weekend, especially as you worship the Lord tomorrow!


  1. Hey we love Bro. Labouv, when we were first saved he came to our little country church, he never ceased to challenge me. When we moved over to Trinity in Arlington, he started coming there. You sure will enjoy him.

    Sounds like you have things planned out,have fun doing them.

  2. sounds like you have a busy month planned...
    I am praying for you and your church as you serve God there...

  3. Hey Susan,
    I know what you mean about being busy, I can't believe its almost Feb! I have never heard Bro Labouve preach, but we did have some of his singing tapes. We also know his brother Kent (who is also blind), he's from our neck of the woods!
    Have a great weekend!
    God Bless

  4. You sound very busy!

    I love it when Bro. LaBouve comes to our church! We have all of his CD's except his newest one. His messages are always excellent as well. (o:


  5. Being aware of the difference in your ladies and there needs is the first step, and I might add, one which many missionaries never quite realize, but you have!. I will ray God will direct you. All I can say is, "Been there, done that!"

  6. Even though we're a fairly typical American church, I don't always know how to plan ladies' meetings, either. :-) One of the problems we face is that the younger women have seemed to think it's an older ladies' thing. It's only been in the last few months that some of them have started coming, and I pray that spreads. The single women just don't come at all, except for a couple of older widows, and I wish they'd give it a try. I tent to stew about the best way to bring them together and have to keep reminding myself to pray about it.

    Of course, you have added issues being in another culture. I think you have the right perspective of not trying to make it an American group but trying to discern how the Lord might work in this particular unique group.

    Are you familiar with Creative Ladies Ministry at The owner of that site is an independent fundamental pastor's wife, and she has boatloads of ideas, from themes banquets, games and skits to favors and devotionals. I've used a lot of her ideas.

    There is another organization called Sweet Monday at They are Christian-based, but fundamental, but I got a couple of their books just to glean ideas from. If you go there and click on "Getting Started," on the sidebar there will be links for "Sweet Ideas" and "Sweet Themes" that will give you some idea of the kinds of things they do.

    In the first church we were in as a married couple, the ladies' group was "all business" -- they were missionary oriented, had missionary projects and speakers and prayer time, and a short time of fellowship at the end. At the second church we were members of in another state, it was all fun and fellowship type meetings. In our church now, I've tried to incorporate elements of both: we have missionary speakers, ladies from church giving testimonies, demonstrations of things people know how to do (from scrapbooking to soap-making), guest speakers talking about everything from women's health to time management. We've also had a few project sessions, like care package for college students or shut-ins.

    You know, this is inspiring a blog post. :-) I may work on this for later this week.

    A couple of other ladies do a ladies' Bible study.

    What kind of group do you have? Or is that what you're trying to decide?


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