Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bible Reading for the New Year

It's time for my annual goal of reading through the Bible in a year! I didn't do very well at all in 2007. I started out with a chronological plan, then switched over to just a straight-through method included in the devotional guide that I began using late in the year. I didn't even do well with that one. So, although I read through portions of the Bible, I didn't come anywhere close to reading it all the way through. That's why I like new beginnings so much!

This year I do have the goal of reading all the way through my Bible, just straight through. I've seen several good blog posts giving some great plans, so I'll just point you to those. The first I saw was at Mountain Musings, from my good friend Deb. She told of a program she found online that will help you select the plan you want to follow, and you can read it online and have the program check off each day as you read. I thought it was pretty handy.

A new-to-me blog is Lovely Living, a friend of my sweet friend Mrs. B at Cherish the Home. Amy posted links to several plans in her post on Bible-reading today. I found these to be helpful too.

I enjoyed reading with this plan in 2006. Following this plan, you read from a different section of the Bible each day - very refreshing after reading straight through!

And, finally, I think I've found a way to help myself through those - ahem - dry spots that you hit throughout the Old Testament. Like genealogies. I found the KJV Bible read by Alexander Scourby (the gold standard in listening to the Bible) for free, online. When I hit a spot like a long genealogy, or maybe if I'm struggling with my reading one day for whatever reason, I plan to go to my computer, take my Bible (or just read it online with Mr. Scourby), and let Mr. Scourby read it as I follow along. Sometimes it might even be an option to just listen, but I think I'd rather read along to make sure I pay attention.

I hope these links will be a help to you in some way. And God bless your reading this year, no matter how much or how little you get to read. What matters most is that you read God's Word and seek to know Him, grow, and increase in faith through it!


  1. Thank you for these links! I pray they DO help me...I uhhh get less than excited to read when I hit such spots as you mentioned. This year...NO excuses for me;) and this might be just the help I need! Happy New Year!

  2. My goal for this year is consistency in my Bible reading. It's an area I struggle with greatly.

  3. I had been thinking of doing a similar post this morning!! I was wishing I had done it for me "works for me Wednesday post," but I didn't think of it. I'll have to go check out some of these other plans.

    I do like reading my Bible through, for many reasons, but I don't try to do it in a year. I liked using a plan when I first started because it kept me on task, but I like having the freedom of stopping to take a little longer on certain passages if I want to.

    I like the idea of listening while reading certain passages. In some places my mind wanders with just one or the other -- doing both at the same time might help keep me focused.

  4. Good for you for making a plan to do this. It is so hard to continue through those dry spots! I kind of gloss over the geanology stuff.

    I have taped copies of the proverbs and psalms. It is really nice to sit and listen to those once in a while to give my eyes a break.

    Take Care,


  5. Good for you! And thanks for the mention.....I think of you as a dear, sweet friend too. (o:


  6. Wonderful links!! I am determined to read through this year too--no chapter hopping..:o)

    Happy New Year!


  7. My husband gave me a Bible that goes all through the year for Christmas 2006 and I started out January 1, 2007 and tried so hard, but by June was falling further and further behind. It was only 20 minutes a day! I really learned a lot by reading it that way, but just couldn't finish the race. Maybe I should take up where I left off, I think the book mark is still in there. I was inspired to do so by the book "Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman". I can't remember the author's name right this minute, but she often would be finishing up the year's reading while at the watch night service at her church on New Year's Eve!

  8. Thanks for this post, Susan! I'm excited about reading through the Bible again this year. I'm using the KJV One-Year Devotional Bible this year. I've read through this one before, a couple of times, and went back to it this year.

    Last year, I used a topical sort of plan like you mentioned that had you in different parts of the Bible on different days of the week. I really liked reading it this way, but I was disappointed in the plan I chose -- it didn't come out even, and I was reading from Deuteronomy, Malachi, and Revelation, quite a bit, to finish up the last day. It wasn't well thought out, but I did like this type of plan.

    I highly recommend the Reese Chronological Bible. I have read through this several times and enjoy the chronological approach.

    And I love your idea of listening while reading the more difficult parts. We have the entire Bible read by Alexander Scourby on tape, so I'll definitely be trying that idea. Thanks!

  9. I need to get better on my Bible reading. I was so gung-ho early last yr doing a number of various readings each day & reading thru the books of Daniel, Revelation & Ezekiel. But after our trip to Mikes sisters in Ohio in Aug, I started getting tired & bogged down. So I began reading a coupla Psalms a nite & that's what I've been doing. It's the lazy mans Bible plan...


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