Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Proud Mama

Well, I saw my boy in the Christmas concert! He was in the top row of the choir, and his friend did get that solo part. We saw several of the young people from the Vancouver area, and one young lady from Texas that we've known since she and Sam were toddlers together. While I was watching, I looked on my Yahoo IM and found my mom and my sister online, so I told them he was on. One of them is in SC, the other in Mexico, Sam in CA, and me in Canada - don't we live in exciting times? We can communicate freely within seconds!

I got to talk to my mom for a few minutes. They had just come in from church where my brother is pastoring. His birthday is Friday, so the church had a party for him. Then I talked to my niece in Mexico. She was telling me her college plans, but I'll have to check with her mom to see if it's ok to blab them out here in public! ;) I'll just say I'm so proud of the kiddos in our family who are coming into adulthood; they are seeking God's will for their lives, and stepping out in faith to do what He leads them to do. So I'm not only a proud Mama, but a proud Auntie too! We have such a wide range of ages in my family, from 19 down to 1, so there are years and years of little ones coming up to pass along the godly heritage we have. What a blessing! It's not us - not my dad, not me or my sister, not the kids - but God. He is faithful!


  1. Neato! I bet it was great.

    I'm praying about Sam's job situation Susan! I used to work at the Subway down the street from the church and they did the same thing. My boss was working me two hours a week, and expected me to stay through Christmas break! I think not. The Lord gave me the best job when I got back from break though! It was at a tax preparation place, which took care of my bill, and the job was over after tax day. Now with my bill paid, I could "loaf" around, studying, doing projects, you know, college stuff. It was rather breathlessly scary for a while, but God had something better.

  2. How fun to be able to watch the program and see Sam! =)

  3. I'm so glad you got a chance to see Sam! Technology does have its upside. :)
    Mrs. C

  4. This is a case when you just love our has life changed....our ancestors would never believe it...

  5. Hi Susan,
    How wonderful. I will pray for Sam.

  6. Elizabeth-in-MN8:11 PM

    Susan - I've been missing you around the Well, and then I remembered that you had a blog, so I looked you up, and I enjoyed reading a bit of what has been going on with you.

    BTW, I loved the story you told about your son talking with the missionary child -- very precious, indeed.


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