Saturday, December 01, 2007

Let it Snow . . . and Rain . . . and Blow

We are getting a snowstorm today. The temps are in the upper 20s, and it's supposed to snow and snow all day and all night and maybe even a little tomorrow morning. Then sometime tomorrow, the remnants of a tropical storm are supposed to hit. A tropical storm! What's up with that? This will turn our snow into rain, and lots of it. The temps will go up until they hit the low 50s on Monday. And the wind is gonna blow, and blow, and blow.

We are beginning to understand that the weather here is very changeable. The forecasts can change drastically even within 24 hours. But this is ridiculous! LOL We're also coming to understand that a storm here usually just means wind and rain. In Texas it meant wind, rain, thunder, lightening, hail, flooding, and possibly a tornado or two. But here it's "just" wind and rain. Just wind that blows down towering evergreens that have been growing for decades and are several feet around in circumference and taller than two of your two-story house. I've never heard anything as scary as huge trees popping in half like they are toothpicks. They pop loud, and if they're near your house, it's really loud! But it's just wind and rain - something I thought was pretty tame in Texas. I was wrong.

I've got to go. I have a busy day ahead, and a busy week. I'm hosting our annual Ladies' Christmas Brunch at our home next Saturday. Today I still have to finish getting my Sunday school lesson ready, including deciding on a craft to do. I also need to sit down and get on paper my plans for next week so I don't come up struggling and panicked on Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow snow!! I love snow and in Texas, as you know, it's a rarity.
    I did hear however that Croatia got their first snow, I'm so envious.

    Have a great weekend and Ladies Brunch!!

  2. Good luck with your annual Christmas party next week Susan...
    I guess a Tropical storm does warm up the weather doesn't (why they call it Tropical I guess)
    I hope the weather holds up for you until your party is over....

  3. We are having similiar weather..which is not a surpise since we are just a few hours south of you...

  4. Yeeks. Big trees like that would make me nervous too. I remember when I was staying with my grandmother on the McKenzie River in Oregon, watching the wind blow the trees across the river during a storm. It made me shiver, especially when there was lightening and thunder, which I normally enjoy.

  5. That sounds like the weather here. We are having a wind storm right now and have been told to stay home if at all possible.

  6. Your forecast for today is colder than ours! It rained, sleeted, snowed last night, and today it is raining quite hard. It is supposed to be in the 40's today. BUT we are getting our cold air back tomorrow, back down into the 20's for our high.

    BRRRRR. I'd rather be in California! =)

  7. stopping by to say "howdy" hope you have a great week.

  8. Hi Susan...once you get your thoughts on paper, I'd love to know your Christmas Brunch plans/recipes/ideas. What fun!

  9. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Thought I'd pass on this wonderful idea for an end-of-year ladies' fellowship get-together. Our pastor's wife asked us to each bring a new tea cup or mug. She gave us a small piece of paper and we had to write down our name, birthday, anniversary and a prayer request. She put a number in each cup. At the end of our time together we each had to draw a number. Each time we use that cup or mug in the year to come, we must lift up "our" lady to the Lord in prayer.


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