Thursday, December 13, 2007

He's Home!

Our boy is home, safe and sound! He flew into Seattle Tuesday night, so Wes and I went down that morning to meet with the pastor who is letting Sam stay on their church property during the week. We set up Sam's bed, then the pastor, his wife, and daughter treated us to lunch, where we enjoyed some good fellowship. This family is just opening their arms to Sam while he's home! They have ten children (and one on the way!), and still they invited Sam to eat supper with them every night! The wife says, "What's one more?!" LOL We deeply appreciate their generosity. They have promised to spoil Sam (which he really doesn't need!), but most of all we are grateful for a place for him to stay with people who share our beliefs and values. Sam is a good boy, strong in his faith and testimony, but as parents, we still want to shield him from the influence of the world as much as possible. It's like a greenhouse. You don't set young plants out in the weather to toughen them up; you shield them, feed them, water them, keep them warm and away from the danger outside. Then, when they are mature plants, you set them out to grow on their own. But you still watch out for them, maybe sheltering them with a covering if there's going to be a late frost, or putting a fence around them so the predators won't feast on them, or pulling up a weed here and there, or feeding a little more if they need some extra nourishment. Same with our children. They're in the greenhouse of our home till they're mature enough to "set out", but they still need some shelter and tender care, and definitely some supervision as they begin to put down their own roots firmly into the soil you've prepared for them. So we're glad to have some fellow gardeners to tend to our "plant grown up" that will be in their corner of the garden for a few weeks! :)

It's been a whirlwind week! Wes and I did some Christmas shopping while we were in WA on Tuesday. Yesterday, he was supposed to take Sam down for church in WA, then get him settled into his room, but Sam's work plans changed. The supervisor at Kelly had forgotten that he needed a new drug test, since he hasn't worked for them in the past 30 days, so he's having that done today and not starting to work till Monday now. He'll lose two days of potential pay, but we're learning to trust the Lord's timing and direction. With the two days off this week, Sam will get to take his brother and sister out shopping and to lunch tomorrow, which will be fun for the three of them. He also has some time planned with friends tomorrow night - like they haven't seen each other the past three months?! Most of them are at WCBC with him, but there is one who isn't, and they are all getting together to be with him for his birthday, which is tomorrow.

Speaking of birthdays, Sam's was yesterday. He turned 19. He wanted Tater Tot Casserole for his special meal. Tater Tot Casserole. The boy has simple tastes, wouldn't you say? He said to surprise him with the cake flavor, so I made a chocolate-peanut butter cake with peanut butter icing. It was rich, if it was nothing else! He ate two huge pieces of it yesterday, so I guess he liked it! ;) We all got up late, since we didn't get in the bed till 2 AM the night before, then I spent those few hours before dinner fixing the cake, cooking, and cleaning up a bit. So yesterday was fun, but busy.

It sure is nice having all three of our children with me right now. There's a lot going on, but they're all here, healthy, happy, content. Life is good!


  1. Well praise the Lord! So glad you have your young man home! Love the part about the greenhouse. I can't agree more.

  2. awww, I'm glad your boy is home! Jake's favorite meal is Tater Tot Cassarole also.

  3. so wonderful how the Lord is working out the details...we were at Sea-tac on monday night and then yesterday.....sure alot of wonderful Christians in Washington state...ahemmmm....
    Enjoy the visit...when he is there.

  4. I'm glad your son is being so well taken care of! The plant analogy was so really good,

    Take Care,


  5. I'm glad he made it safely, how long will he be home for? Enjoy your time with all the children!

    God Bless

  6. Well Happy Birthday Sam!! and I love tater tot casserole too.

    I love the greenhouse analogy, that is great and I may have to use it some time.

    BTW, we were at Baptist Temple last week. We happened to drop in on the night when they had a music group there, but it was nice to see some old friends. The property is really nice. Last time I was there they were still in the old building in Ft. Worth, long time ago huh?

    Anyhoo, have a great weekend!!

  7. it is wonderful that Sam has a nice safe place to stay...
    you can feel at peace knowing that he is being taken care of...
    Blessings to your family this Christmas

  8. Awww, Happy Birthday, Sam! And Susan, I'm so glad you have your boy home. I know it's wonderful!


  9. I love, love your using the care of plants as an analogy about raising children. How true that is!

  10. I really appreciated your greenhouse analogy regarding our children--so true!

    Welcome Home AND Happy Birthday to Sam! All of our college students are home too and were at church yesterday. It was such a blessing to see them! They aren't even my own children, but I am always so glad when they come home. : )


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