Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Change of Plans

Our original plans for Sam to come home were just for the one week surrounding Christmas Day. This was because he had a job with UPS. Notice the past tense verb there?! When Samuel went in for his training, he was informed that they wouldn't be giving him the hours they had promised, leaving him with no job once again. That boy is sure learning a lot about the world of job hunting!

So Wes told Sam to call Kelly Temporaries in Washington, for whom he worked most of this year, and ask them if they could use him in the job he'd had until he went to school. Meanwhile, Wes contacted a pastor friend in that city and asked if he had any idea of a place where Sam could stay, to save all that gas money running back and forth to WA every day. This pastor immediately told Wes that their church office, which is actually an old house, is still equipped with everything Sam would need to live in it, and he could drive their church van during the week! What a blessing! I was so relieved. The Kelly people were excellent and offered Sam his same job at the same place, without hesitation. So Samuel is now coming home next week - one week from today - and will be home every weekend through mid-January! And of course he'll be home for Christmas. And the day after he gets home is his birthday. It's probably a little thing, but it just pleases me so much to have him home for his birthday, so I can cook a favorite meal and make him a cake. Why is it that food is perceived as showing love to someone? LOL Sam sure sees it as love, and he is looking forward to some homemade meals while he's home.

The Lord has been so good to work all this out. Sam should be able to go back to school with enough money to get his semester started, and he's still putting in applications and following up on them, hoping to have something waiting for him when school starts again in January. God always comes through!


  1. Such great news about your son!

  2. Oh Susan...just so happy that Sam is coming home for a bit....it will be nice to see our college students...from LBC...Autumn, Shari, Shane....Sam probably knows them...
    Isn't God ...a God of details...every single one...


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