Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Brunch Plans

Deb asked if I'd post my plans for our ladies' brunch on Saturday. I don't have huge plans, just a simple meal and a devotion, but I have written down a few things to help me get ready.

Our menu is simple:
Fresh Fruit
Green Salad
Variety of Quick Breads and Cookies
Variety of Teas

This is basically the same menu we had last year. It's light and easy on me and anyone who volunteers to bring something to eat, so that we can enjoy our time together without arriving worn out from preparing for the event! We like to get holiday themed paper plates, cups, and napkins from a party store to make the cleanup easy too, although I like to use my fancy serving dishes to make the presentation pretty.

I plan to play Christmas Carol Pictionary, with titles of carols written on slips of paper. One person will draw a picture representing the title, and once someone guesses the title, we'll all sing the carol. We have a small group, so we won't divide into teams; we'll just all be one team!

Because we have ladies from various cultures, I also want to have a time to share how our families celebrate Christmas in our home countries, including food, decorations, and customs specific to each country. One of our ladies is from Switzerland, and she has some fascinating stories from her childhood Christmases!

I'll have a short devotion and a time of prayer to close out our brunch. I also hope to have a small gift for each lady. I wanted to make something, but I didn't plan well, so now I have to give up on that one! When will I learn?!

So there you have it - very simple!


  1. sounds like you have a very nice and enjoyable day planned...
    enjoy your tea with all your ladies...

  2. We had our ladies' Christmas fellowship on Monday night. We all brought finger foods or desserts. We do a simple gift exchange that is lots of fun. Everyone went home with something nice.

    This year instead of giving a devotional, I had each lady share something: their best/worst Christmas memory/gift; Christmas traditions, etc. It was such a sweet time of sharing, and I had tears in my eyes as I listened to some of the ladies tell of Christmases past.

    I hope you have a wonderful brunch!

    Mrs. C

  3. I really like the idea of sharing the different ways Christmas is celebrated in other countries and cultures. If you have time to do a post-- I would so enjoy reading a few snippits about the celebrations of some of the ladies you know from other countries.



  4. Hi Susan,
    The menu sounds yummy. I wish our church had a ladies ministry.This sounds like fun.
    Thank you for praying for Brandy.

  5. Hi Susan ~ Sounds like a great brunch! I will be praying that you will get everything done and won't feel frazzled. Hope your cold improves by the weekend. Have fun with your ladies!


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