Monday, November 12, 2007

We're Home

After a busy whirlwind of a weekend, we arrived home Saturday night about 9:15. We were in bed by 10:00, and got a good night's sleep for Sunday morning. The conference was outstanding! There was lots of preaching: two preachers on Thursday night, three sessions of preaching on Friday morning, two preachers on Friday night, and three sessions on Saturday morning. There was also a special guest speaker, the retired high school football coach who lead the host pastor to the Lord 35 years ago. Each sermon was helpful to me as an adult, and if the kids will take each truth to heart and act on them, they will be helped as well. Several teens were saved during the conference, and the altars were full after each session with kids making decisions for the Lord! I was sitting near the front on Thursday night, so I was available to counsel with one girl, who made sure of her salvation.

Each night, after the evening sessions, a local gym opens its doors to the conference participants, boys one night and girls the other. The whole facility is avaiable, and closed to the public, so it was safe and clean for us. Of course, services weren't over till almost 10:00, so it was 11:00 before we could get in, and we had the gym for two hours. Can we say bedtime at 2:00 AM??? The girls went on Friday night, so we got a whole four hours of sleep that night! But the kids just love it, trying out all the machines, swimming, playing tennis.

On Friday afternoon, the youth groups are divided up and sent to a couple of activities. Our groups went to a family fun park, with go-carts, miniature golf, laser tag, and all the video games these places have. I was glad that the host church had gone through the facility ahead of time and tagged the video games that were inappropriate for our Christian teens. That headed off a lot of potential problems. And I did something I never dreamed of doing before: I played laser tag! And it was fun! I was an easy target, because I had on a shirt with white stripes in it, which glowed and lit up like a torch in the black light!

As for the drive down, I got a little bit done on my eagle, read my Bible a little, and got no other reading done. This was our first time to travel with friends, in a caravan, and we ended up stopping several times for rest area breaks, coffee breaks (Starbucks!), and lunch. So the trip was pretty broken up and eventful. Coming back, after that four hours of sleep the night before, I was pretty sleepy, but again, we stopped several times. We were all a bit anxious about the border wait getting back into Canada. Saturday nights are notorious for long border lineups. We listened to the radio as we got closer to the border, and chose the crossing that had the shortest wait of 1 1/2 hours. When we got there, though, the lines didn't look all that bad, and they were moving at a good pace. It ended up that our wait was only 30 minutes! Wes and I had both prayed coming up the road, as I'm sure the others did, and the Lord gave us a smooth, quick crossing!

We had to keep plugging yesterday for church, but today we slept in. We just got up when we woke up (and that information will stay top secret!), had brunch, and I got laundry done and made a trip to the grocery store. We were just plumb tuckered out! Tomorrow is back to school and homemaking and preparations for church this weekend. The weekend was a nice time, but I'm always glad to get back to normal - whatever that might be! ;) Thank you all for your comments and prayers while we were gone!


  1. Sounds like you has a great time! I'm glad you got to sleep in. I am always so worn out after a conference. We are having our missions conference this week! I had nursery last night but I certainly enjoyed the Sunday Service. Have a great week.

  2. You're always missed when you're away, Susan. I'm glad you had a fun conference and arrived safely home! Just ease back into things this week. :)

  3. I'm glad you had a good time! It sounds like a great weekend, and lots of fun, especially for kids that like to stay up late!: )

  4. I've never played laser tag -- I figured I'd be an easy target, too, because I don't move very fast and my guys are all so much more skilled at that than I am. But it might be fun to try some time!

    Sounds like a wonderful time! Except I'd be a zombie after only four hours' sleep!

  5. Lazer tag...GOOD for you....I think I would still be sleeping...and I thought of you...knowing your were driving by my neck of the woods....
    Glad you had a good break...
    Think you might still need a nap.

  6. Hi sounds like you all had a great time in Portland! How did you guys fare the wind storm on Monday? Come see how it took it's toll on us was a storm like no other ever experienced for our little city!

  7. I received a gracious thank you card from your son, I hope he has found a full time job.

  8. Hi Susan,
    I missed you. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Sleeping in is good. I get to sleep in tomorrow. Yea . After getting up extra early lately to greet service men I am happy.
    Miss Candi is tired too.

  9. Your trip sounds like lots of fun. Our trip to the mountains was fun too! I cross stitched a sports theme pillow top for my son in law while riding. I made a mistake that I think I can correct. I got 2 words too far apart!!! So I'm going to cross stitch something in there to go with the theme. I think it'll be cute. Its Boston Red Sox, so I'm going to put two red socks in between Red and Sox. LOL. It did take my mind off the truckers who were right on top of us!


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