Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Takin' a Break

My family and I are headed out tomorrow to attend the Northwest Youth Conference, sponsored by Greater Portland Baptist Church in Portland, OR (where else?!). We'll be hauling a carload of girls in our van (help!), along with a couple of other pastors carting another van of girls and a van full of boys. And that's just three churches. There are several more churches from our area going too. Our kids are ecstatically happy; they absolutely love the Portland Youth Conference. It's one of the highlights of their year, second only to Youth Camp in July.

It's a six-hour drive, so I'm taking some cross-stitch with me. And a book. I have a feeling I won't be able to stay awake much on the drive home, so most of my crafting and reading will be done on the way down. Hopefully I'll get a lot done on my eagle. I sure won't have time to do anything once we get there. It's my first time to go, but I've heard that it's constant activity the entire time. Another pastor's wife told me, very encouragingly, that this is the most exhausting thing they do all year. All year. More exhausting than camp, or VBS, or . . . or . . . I'll see you sometime after Christmas! LOL

Please pray for our Canadian young folks. We have a good group of kiddos; these churches here, in our circle of fellowship, are doing a great job teaching the families and young people, so these kids are excited to go to Youth Conference. There is lots of preaching, but also lots of fun. The evening services are long, but we always hear kids saying, "I can't believe we've been in church for three hours! It didn't seem like that long!" Please pray that some serious decisions will be made for the Lord, and for safety as we travel and play. Although we won't be gone all weekend, it'll probably be Monday or Tuesday before I'm back to blogging. Have a great weekend!


  1. Wave as you go by our town, Susan....

  2. I hope it goes well! It sounds like a good time for the kids!

  3. Praying you have a safe trip and the Lord blesses you all. Looking forward to seeing some pics when you get back. Have a great time Susan.

  4. Have a wonderful time, Susan! It sounds like such a fantastic time for your teens!

    Looking forward to hearing how it all went.. and how much progress you've made on that eagle!

  5. Well have a great time. Praying for a great spiritual time.

  6. I hope the trip goes well! Have fun!

  7. Have fun! (o:


  8. Hi Susan
    Have a safe trip. I look forward to hearing about when you get home.

  9. Sounds like a van full of fun. Have a great time! We'll miss you on your break, but I know the Lord will bless you while you're gone. Can't wait to hear all about it.


  10. Praying you all have a safe trip and that more lives will be given to the Lord.

  11. Looking forward to hearing about your trip--when you catch a breath! : )


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