Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sunday in Review - November 4, 2007

My husband reminded me this morning that I hadn't posted a Sunday in Review this week, and so I haven't. I didn't know he followed that closely! LOL

This past Sunday was very good. We had our usual faithful church family, and we had visitors! A couple came who are from another city in the Vancouver area, but were in North Vancouver for an event involving some children with whom they work. They had a break, were driving around the city, saw our signs that we put out on Sunday morning, and came in for church! We were very glad to have them, and only wish they lived closer so they could come back! ;) I'm not sure, but this may be the first time we've had someone drop in because they saw our signs. We place two sandwich signs at the two roads that lead to our rec centre meeting rooms, then put smaller, stick-in-the-ground signs at each entrance to the parking lot. When you don't have your own building, you have to make it your own so that people will know you're there!

Sunday night was good also. We met Johnny and Tori Leslie, missionaries to Croatia, online a couple of years ago, and when they started their furlough last year they sent us a copy of their missions presentation on CD. We've had it all year, with no laptop to use with our projector to show it. Wes was recently able to convert it to a DVD, though, and showed it on a portable DVD player through our projector this Sunday evening. Once again, my heart was touched with the need of the Gospel in yet another area of the world. It's easy to want to go to all these places we see and hear about, but there's no way that one person can go everywhere. That's why we give through Faith Promise missions, so that we can go through other people. You can see the Leslies' mission presentation for yourself on Tori's blog. Thanks, Tori, for sending us your presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it (after a whole year!) and was thrilled to share yet another missionary friend with our church family!


  1. I saw that presentation on her blog and it truly did touch my heart.


  2. What a blessing to have visitors!
    I'm sure it was a blessing, too, to see the presentation. We love when missionaries visit and share what the Lord is doing and how great the need is. What a reminder to keep in prayer and financial support.

    Enjoy your week ~


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