Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday in Review - November 25, 2007

Today was a good day. We so enjoyed having the Sullivant Family with us to help wrap up our Missions Month at our church. We've had some sweet visits with missionaries and preachers and their families in our time in the ministry, and this family was no exception. We had more fun with the children today, but not quite as much hilariously funny things as last night. I think they were on a roll yesterday! LOL I told Wes this was a preview of having grandchildren - still far in the future, I'm sure, but still - we get to make them laugh and say funny things, and then we send them home with their parents! ;)

Bro. Sullivant preached this morning, which I didn't get to hear since I teach Sunday school. We had a new family visiting with us this morning. We have several single Filipina ladies who work as nannies, and this couple are the employers of one of our ladies. She was thrilled that they had come, so much so that her normally shy smile covered her entire face and she came in calling for Pastor to come and meet her employers! She is usually very quiet, so I knew these people were very special to her. We enjoyed getting to know them, especially since their little boy was in my Sunday school class. With our regular children, the missionaries' children, and the visitors' little boy, we had six children in Sunday school, all under the age of five! And we even made a craft! I was glad I'd chosen a simple craft for today, though. Just color one side of a bookmark, fold it, and glue. Done. Easy enough for even the youngest to do, watching out for the glue stick for sure, though. We ended a missionary story series, so now it's time to go back to our through-the-Bible approach, with a tiny break for a special Christmas lesson on the Sunday before Christmas. And we get to do some Christmas crafts this month!

Tonight, Bro. Sullivant gave his missions presentation of their field of Thailand and answered some questions. Then Wes had us fill in our Faith Promise commitments for the coming year. We reached about 97% of our projected missions spending for this year (which is an excellent result, especially for a small church's first year of Faith Promise), and our commitment for the coming year went up a small percentage. So we are looking forward to supporting a new missionary or two this coming year, Lord willing! These are exciting times for our church family!

So our day went well. We're tired and sleepy tonight, but it was a day well spent, filled with fellowship, worship with our church family, and a new commitment to give so that others may take the Gospel around the world. My husband has said that his goal is for the sun to never set upon the ministry of Lions Gate Baptist Church. We took another step closer to realizing that goal today!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful Sunday! I just love it when missionaries visit our church.

    Because of Christ,

  2. What a wonderful day of worship you had... and to know that you met 97% of your goal... you have to be very proud and know that the Lord is working in your church..
    Blessings to you and your church...

  3. I love my busy Sundays. It's a good tired, isn't it?


  4. Susan ~ What a precious, faithful church you have. It sounds like you've had a wonderful month focused on missions (though I know missions are always in the picture). And I got such a chuckle out of De Fird ... What an adorable child!

  5. there is something for you over at my blog.


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