Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday's Happenings

Is today Tuesday? It feels like Monday to me, because yesterday was a holiday. You know how those weeks are that have a holiday in them. We all rose a few minutes later than usual this morning! What is it about taking a day off that makes you want to sleep later the next day?

I didn't make a list last night of things I wanted to do today, so I started out a little muddled this morning (more so than usual). After breakfast I just plowed into my work without a plan. It didn't take long till I realized I needed to write down what I wanted to do, before I spent half the day wandering around "putting out fires." I did manage to get a lot of work done today, though, which always makes me feel good. Cleaning out the fridge was pretty important, with all those leftovers that got shoved into it over the weekend. I took everything out, then arranged it all into the various types of leftovers so I could see what I need to use up. My freezer is also full of turkey carcases and extra meat to make soups and casseroles. Tomorrow I plan to make a turkey potpie and maybe top it with leftover stuffing instead of biscuits or a crust, and use up the rest of the leftover side dishes.

I also cleaned my stovetop today. After baking all weekend, it was pretty dirty. I took all the drip pans and knobs off, washed them, and washed the stove underneath them. It was nice to see it all white and shiny again in just a few minutes! The oven really needs attention too, and I purposely left it till after I did all this baking. I haven't decided yet if I'll let it clean tomorrow or Thursday.

I mentioned yesterday that a cabinet and a closet needed some attention. When we moved in, Beth very kindly put away my china for me in a built-in cabinet in the dining room. I've been tossing things in there all along, right on top of the china, and when I went to get out what I needed yesterday, it was a mess! Also, our front hall closet has needed me to get in there for quite a while. So today I set my timer for 15 minutes, a la FlyLady, and tackled each area. I pulled out all my china and other varied items under the cabinet, rearranged my china and relocated the things that really don't belong with china, like Sunday school material! LOL I was surprised to find that all of my china fit on one shelf, leaving another one open for things like seasonal cookie jars and dishes, just by stacking the dishes differently. Then I moved to my closet for another 15 minutes. Basically it just needed to be organized; I got rid of very little from this closet, although I did relocate some things to another closet where they will fit better.

We had Meaty Manicotti for dinner, with corn and leftover green bean casserole. The manicotti was a nice change from turkey! I didn't plan well for dinner today, though, and we didn't eat till almost 3:00. Timing seems to be my downfall in cooking! ;)

After a long nap (so long I won't tell you how long!) I got some Sunday school visuals cut out and ready to laminate. I want to have everything ready for Sunday school on Thursday this week, as Wes and I are going to a Couples' Retreat on Friday and Saturday. He's getting his sermons ready by Thursday too. I also thought I'd try something different for planning next year's Thanksgiving meals. I typed up in a Word document the menus, table setups, decorations we used for our church and family dinners, along with the things that went well and what didn't work this year. Hopefully next year these will save me some steps when it's time to plan. I feel just a bit compulsive doing that, but I'm finding more and more that planning ahead and writing down my impressions of the events while they're fresh in my mind helps me remember the next year what works and what doesn't, and gives me a jumpstart in planning. I did the same thing for camp, planning for cabin decorations and themes while they were fresh in my mind. Except I just realized I don't remember where I put that paper. I need to find it and get it in the computer! I think it's in the back of my devotional journal, which I had with me at camp. See? I am pseudo-organized! LOL


  1. I hope you have a nice time at the couple's retreat!

  2. sounds like you have a nice week planned.. keep your list, timer and focus... and you will be ready by Thursday for a nice couple's retreat..have a great time

  3. A couples retreat, that sounds like fun. Sounds like a productive day, and even time for a nap, Amen!!

    God Bless

  4. Wow Susan You have been busy. Please send me some that engery. LOL
    Enjoy your retreat.


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