Monday, October 01, 2007

Sunday in Review - September 30, 2007

Here's a new Sunday in Review, and I'll try to keep up with it this time! Yesterday was a windy, rainy, blustery day here in North Vancouver. Oh, it was miserable outside! But we had our faithful core group of people there once again. How thankful we are for our church family!

I've been teaching for the past few weeks in Sunday school on the prophet Elisha. Yesterday was our final lesson on him, and next week we start our new series. I just hope I can make it meaningful for a preschooler! I know my grade-schooler will eat it up. I've had a little man visitor in Sunday school the past two weeks. His mom was afraid he would cry if he came into Sunday school, but he saw toys and was fine! ;)

Last night was our Lord's Supper service. We have it on the fifth Sunday of months with five Sundays in them. Wes preached a short sermon on the important things we are remembering when we take the Lord's Supper. We don't take this service lightly, nor do we consider the elements more than they are, merely a representation of the Lord's sacrifice of His death. We take the Lord's Supper as a reminder, not to ensure our salvation. The reason we place such emphasis upon it is because it is one of the two things that Jesus commanded us as a church body to observe regularly, the other being baptism.

Thanks for reading about our services! Numerical growth is slow, but spiritual growth of the people is evident. Wes and I are just trying to stay out of the Lord's way and let Him work! ;) Please continue to pray for our little church and for Wes as he pastors these folks!


  1. am certainly praying for your little church and for your family... I appreciate how hard it is to go in to a new church and build it up... but you are very strong in the Lord so the growth in numbers will come...
    I pray for your faithfulness...

  2. Thank you for praying for us, Mimi! I can tell you that many times we need it when we don't ask for it specifically. We sure do appreciate prayer on our behalf!

  3. Love the new look on your blog! I've just recently discovered how to add a third column to blogger templates and have been contemplating giving it a try. Yours looks so lovely and fall-like. (o:

    I agree with Mimi.--Building a church from scratch is hard and at times heart-breaking work. I am in such awe of missionaries and church planters who undertake this monumental task. Good thing we have a very BIG God, huh?! (o;


  4. Hi, Mrs. B! Thanks for the bloggy compliments. I'm right pleased with how it turned out! ;) It's pretty easy to do - just make sure you save a copy of your template before you start making changes.

    Yes, we do serve a big God. It's surely not easy, but so worth it, to work in full-time ministry!

  5. I am glad that you had a good Sunday. Such a blessing when you see growth in your people as they walk with the Lord.

    Have a great week.


  6. Just thought I'd stop by and say Hi!

    Amen for spiritual growth! That is always a blessing to hear that a church is growing spiritually.

  7. By the way,

    How did you add the third column to your blog? It looks lovely!! :)

  8. I love how you are excited to teach one child. Each one is so important to the Lord, and we can be used to make a difference!

    Your autumny look is beautiful!

  9. Jane, thank you for stopping by. It's nice to hear from another pastor's wife how good it is to see growth among the people! ;)

    Jessica, if you'll scroll down a couple of posts, there's the tutorial I used to switch my template to a three-column. It's also a permanent link at the bottom of the left sidebar. Thanks for stopping by!

    Sarah, to be honest, I have to think on teaching and the privilege of teaching these little ones in order to get excited about teaching *just* one. But it doesn't take long when I remember how much Jesus loves each one and how He would take just as much time for just one as He would for a multitude of children. I just have to be a little creative to find activities to keep just one busy! LOL

  10. Praying for you and your church, Susan. I know your Wes loves the people he pastors and I'm sure they love him too....AND you!

    I do like reading about your church.


  11. Oh Yes! I meant to say that I love the way you've freshened up the look of your blog. It's very nice, especially your family portrait.



  12. I enjoy reading about your services. I think because I have lived this experience of birthing a new church with my parents when they were in church planting ministries. I know the heart you and Wes have for the people! God bless you Susan as you serve an almighty God!

    I realized I haven't been over to visit you in like---forever!!

  13. Kristi, thanks for praying for us! Our hearts have knitted with their hearts, and we love them in a way we've never known before. It's a whole new experience!

    Pam, you need to come by more often! I enjoy seeing you here.


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