Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday in Review - October 21, 2007

Hello everyone! I have so enjoyed all your comments - and gotten quite a few chuckles - on my last post about my zany trip to the grocery store on Thursday. I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one who goes to the store a little less than prepared! ;) Wes calls me his little Lucy (as in I Love Lucy and all her little mishaps). I'm even red-headed, althought not that red-headed.

We've had such an enjoyable weekend. On Friday night, Wes took all our teens to a teen activity sponsored by Victory Baptist Church in Langley, BC. They played mini-golf in the driving rain. Much fun, that. Somebody said something about someone having a bunch of umbrellas, so it was ok. I'm glad I got to stay home! I did some ironing and talked to my parents on the phone, and the house was quiet. I also watched Emma. Beth and her friends have watched it several times here at the house, but I've always been busy and just listened as I went about the house. So I decided I was going to treat myself to a movie while I had the house to myself, and see the scenes that went with all the dialogue I've been listening to.

Saturday, we prepared for Sunday as usual, but in the late afternoon, missionaries arrived to spend the weekend with us. Jeremy and Rebekah Johnson, from People's Baptist Church in Kelowna, BC, are on deputation to go to South Africa. We found that they are acquainted with several of our friends, and we know some of Mrs. Johnson's family, so it was fun getting to know each other and hear about their burden for South Africa. They also have a sweet little baby boy, just a few weeks old, and we enjoyed his squeaky, snuggly little babyness. He's just the right size to fit in your arms and snuggle down to sleep! They had supper with us last night, and then dinner with us this afternoon and supper again after church before they left to drive back to Kelowna tonight.

Bro. Johnson preached for us this morning, then gave the testimony of his call to South Africa and presented the work they plan to do there. My heart was burdened once again for missions around the world - I forget that vision so easily in the everyday run of things, even though I'm a missionary myself - and especially for the continent of Africa, as Bro. Johnson told us of the toll that disease has taken there. An average of 800 people die per day from A*DS in South Africa alone. They saw row upon row of fresh graves, dug daily, on their survey trip. This is not play. It's real. The souls of these people are at stake, and it's a story told round the world over and over - the Lord is calling workers, but are we listening and surrendering?

I talked to Sam today, and Lancaster Baptist Church is having their Missions Conference this week. Jungle Mom and her family are there this week, and he plans to meet them. Now can you just see God's hand? JM and I were classmates briefly in 4th grade, but never got to know each other. Now we meet through our blogs, and my son met her today. Isn't it amazing how paths cross?!! Also, on Wednesday night, Samuel will be singing in a special ensemble composed of the children of missionaries and church planters around the world who are currently attending WCBC. The evening services will be streamed live at 7:00 p.m. Monday through Wednesday. So if you'd like to listen in (and see my boy, although you probably wouldn't know him from Adam!), just go to the LBC website and click on the Live Video Stream link in the left sidebar. During the ensemble, there will also be a slide show of each student's family doing their work in their respective fields. I'm really looking forward to it, especially since I haven't laid eyes on my son since August! ;)

Well, it's been quite a weekend, judging by the length of this post. Either that, or I'm quite chatty. It couldn't be that, could it? ;) I hope you have had just as good a weekend, and will enjoy a great week as you serve your family!


  1. Susan, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. We are having our missions revival next month and we get to host a family for Sunday dinner. I'm so looking forward to getting to know them. Sounds like Sam is doing well. Our very dear friends son Andrew Garcia graduated from WCBC last year and was hired on staff. I'm sure Sam knows him. Have a great week, we are getting some much needed rain here in Georgia today but I don't think its enough.

  2. I love Emma -- one of my favorite DVDs.

    I don't know if I ever told you -- I clicked on Jungle Mom's site a few times from links in your posts, then one day read a post of hers mentioning her husband, Clint, and it clicked that they were in Venezuela, and I thought, "Could it be...." and sure enough, they were missionaries our church supports but I hadn't realized it til then. Her name's right there in her sidebar, but I hadn't noticed it. I haven't met her yet -- the one time they came by on furlough since we've been at the church just her husband and daughter who is now married and in Panama came. I'm really looking forward to meeting her this furlough. I've enjoyed getting to know her through her blog. So thanks for pointing me her way!

  3. Nice to hear about your weekend. i have such wonderful memories of missionaries visiting our house as a child -- it really shaped my own heart and desire to be involved in ministry myself.
    I'm eager to watch the new Jane Austen film when it's out on DVD!

  4. Really enjoyed hearing about your weekend. Mini-golf in the rain sounds like fun.

    Have a great week!


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