Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shiny Sink

Most everybody who has read my blog for a while knows that I'm a fan of FlyLady, and her very first assignment and ongoing crusade is to attain and maintain a shiny sink*. Well, late last week Julieann asked for volunteers to share their shiny sinks, and I promised I would. So here it is - my shiny sink!

*Please note that this in-depth shining of the sink is not an everyday occurrence. Once it's clean, it's easily maintained by rinsing it well and wiping it dry after each meal. Personally, I wash my sink with a sponge and dish liquid every morning, and spray the fixtures and backsplash with all-purpose cleaner and wipe dry. This simple concept opened my domestically-challenged eyes several years ago, and paved the way for learning to not only clean, but maintain my home. Some may laugh, but I praise the Lord for FlyLady! :)


  1. I love a shiny sink!
    Looks great!

    ~ Christina

  2. It looks great! I volunteered to play along as well so I will have to go take a picture of my sink too. (o:

  3. Wow...Nice and Shiny, Susan...
    I had a white new porcelin sink at my last house...and just loved getting it sparkling...just like when the windows are all clean...
    have you enjoyed our sunshine the past couple of days..or at least we have had it...I sure have....
    Keep up the great posts Susan...more iron sharpening iron...

  4. I Love it, Susan!!!

    Thank you for playing:o)

  5. Hi pretty. I love a clean sink.

  6. Your shiny sink looks wonderful! I just shined mine yesterday, but will shine it again so I can take pictures and share also. I love some of Flylady's principles, but found it extremely overwhelming. Seems like everytime I start out as a flybaby, I have a newborn with me also and fall way behind.

  7. Looks great!

    I too praise The Lord for Flylady! I love her system! :D

    God bless!


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