Sunday, October 07, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Sunday

It's late on Sunday night - or at least my legs and feet are saying it's late, even if it's only about 10:00! We had a good day at church today, with everyone bringing so much food that we were urging each other to please take extra stuff home. I had made lists upon lists this week, and everything went super well at home, getting everything in the cars, ready to go. I got all the cooking done yesterday, then loaded it all into bins and bags this morning. The turkey went into a table-top roaster, stuffing in the crockpot on warm, and gravy in another crockpot. Salad, cream for coffee, whipped cream went into a thermal bag. Coffee maker and tea kettle, with coffee and assorted teas went into bins, along with sugar and serving bowls and utensils. I also had a huge bag and a bin of table decorations, taken from around our home. I didn't have much money to spend on decorations, and what I had planned to buy on Friday was gone when I got there, so I just took all my fall decorations down and took them with me. When I got to the rec centre, I handed all of them to several ladies and said, "Here's a bunch of stuff. Work your magic!" ;) And they did; the tables were beautiful.

We did hit a bump in the road when we arrived at the rec centre to find our Sunday school/nursery room, where we always have our dinners, set up not with tables and chairs for 40, but simply with chairs for 40. There were two tables, up against the wall, but no others set up. Forty chairs were beautifully lined up in rows for a preaching service, but not for eating. Wes called the weekend set-up help, and he assured us that his work order said chairs for 40 and two tables. Well. Something got confused between our request and his work order! ;) Wes asked him to please help us with some more tables, and we quickly began setting them up for food and dining. We were late starting church, but the meal turned out fine. Everyone pitched in as they arrived, which helped a lot.

Sunday school this morning was a bit rushed and scattered, partly because what is usually our Sunday school room was full of tables and food and smelled so good, and partly because we had gotten started late. I talked to the children, two preschoolers, about thanking God for everything, and we made cornucopias. Have you ever tried to explain a cornupcopia to a 2-year-old? Well, at least he had fun gluing his pumpkin on! LOL They were both a little too distracted by all the extra activity to pay a lot of attention, so we sang a lot more than usual and let them move around a bit to work off some of that energy and curiosity. Sometimes you just have to work around the circumstances!

We came home around 2:30, and I tried to take a nap. But Sam texted Wes that he was in his room if we wanted to talk, and what mom can sleep when she has the opportunity to talk to her son?! So I talked to him for over an hour, and then I figured I better get up and get started on tomorrow's dinner. I worked all afternoon and into the evening, stopping for some leftover soup and rolls for supper, and managed to get everything put away from the church dinner, the house re-decorated, and quite a bit of stuff cooked. I cooked and mashed the sweet potatoes for our traditional southern dish that we call a souffle, but I don't think it really is. It is mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar and spices added, with brown sugar, butter, and pecans baked on top, making a chewy, nutty crust on top. Very bad for you, but we love it. I also baked the cornbread for our cornbread dressing, which we prefer to stuffing, and I made a Cherry Gelatin Salad and Cranberry-Orange Sauce. Then I baked a cake, Praline Pumpkin Torte, which Wes just loves and is totally unnecessary, because our guests are bringing two desserts. But when your husband asks you to make the cake he loves best in the whole world, how can you refuse?! The turkey is thawing now, while the cake cools. Tomorrow all I should have to do is put the turkey in the oven, fixed regular mashed potatoes (yes, we have to have those too!), and put the sweet potatoes and dressing in the oven after the turkey comes out. And do a little cleaning. Not much, just some touching up.

Beth has been my right arm this weekend. She has cleaned up behind me and been faithful in washing dishes for meals (other than what Andrew had to do). She also made some Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread yesterday (it's from Quick Cooking, but it's a Subscriber Only recipe, so I'll have to look it up instead of just giving you the link). And she likes to come in and comment on whatever I'm doing - good comments, and nice company while I'm in the kitchen.

Well, I meant for this to be short, but it turned into an epistle. Wes says that some of my letters I write could rival those the apostles wrote - in length, not in content - and he laughs at me for writing such long blog posts sometimes. What can I say? I'm chatty! But I really must go now. I'm so tired! I'd like to relax with a short shower before bed, since I'll be up at pretty much regular time tomorrow to get things ready for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Have a great Monday!


  1. Susan, when I grow up I want to be like you! you are thee WOMAN!

    Praise the Lord for a great day!

  2. Well, Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like you're Sunday service was very nice, and have a wonderful dinner tonight!

  3. you have a wonderful Thanksgiving planned... I hope your family has a great time together and please don't eat too much...
    after all it's only the best thanksgiving dinner in the whole world!!!

  4. Oooh, you are torturing me! (Can I come over for leftovers? Pul-eeeeze????????) :-D Oh, yum. That sounds yummy!

    God bless!
    ~Chelsie (VUH)


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