Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Learning to Live by Faith

Our son is learning to live by faith. He's also learning that the Lord always comes through. A very excited Samuel just called to tell us that he received notification today that almost his entire tuition for the semester has been paid! He owes just a very small amount before the semester ends in December. We don't know who paid it, but we do know that our son is seeing first-hand how the Lord can - and will - supply his every need. It was good for his parents, too! ;)

Sam has yet to find a job. He took cuts today and went to a security training class, which will qualify him to work as a security guard in the State of California. The instructor said he would hire him when he receives his qualification card. We're praying that this job would work out for him, as it would be something he could do throughout his college years and even beyond, if necessary. He's been applying for jobs almost every weekday, with only one call-back, which didn't work out. He been diligent to look for a job, and the Lord is taking care of his needs, one by one. I can't help but shed a few tears of joy as I see yet another generation learning that God is indeed faithful!


  1. wow, that is an awesome blessing! I know there were many times in college when I wondered how I would pay my next bill, but the funds always came through every time. I am happy your son has had this burden lifted, and I will pray that he secures employment soon. :)

  2. That is so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh how wonderful, both the steps of faith and God's provision!

  4. Oh, Susan, that is indeed wonderful! What a great and mighty God we serve, our ever faithful Provider! Still praying for your son; oh what a burden must have lifted from his shoulders at this amazing news (bless his heart!).

  5. Susan that's wonderful! God is good! The security option looks good, I hope it works out for him. Wow brings back memories of when I was stumping in Lancaster for a job.

    My best job there (besides when I got to work in the kitchen at the college) was for a tax office. That was really good because it was really busy during tax season, and I got to pay my bill, then it was over and I could finish up my projects and focus on school without worrying.

  6. Guess who I saw last night??? Your in-laws!!! It was so nice to get to meet them. :)

    Praise the Lord about the tuition beging paid! I'm praying that the job situation will be worked out soon.

    Mrs. C

  7. Sarah, the security job would be good for Sam because most likely he could study a good bit, plus he can get more training so he can make better money as he goes along. The job office director (Bro. Williams, I think is his name) had a security job throughout college at WCBC, and he told Sam that his grades came up consistently each semester, and by the time he graduated he was making $26.00/hour. That sounded good to Sam! ;)

    Mrs. C, I'm so pleased you got to meet them!!! Just remember that Wes's dad is a bit of a nut! LOL The rest of us are quite sane - well, reasonably so, anyway! ;)

  8. Susan, that is just wonderful. I grew up in a christian home and remember rejoicing when my parents God became my God. Not meaning getting saved but seeing the LORD answer my own prayers about my own needs. That's great! Leah


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