Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's Thanksgiving!

Cornucopia by Jenkins

Yes! It is! It's Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada. Although the US has six more weeks to plan for that big celebration feast, we here in Canada are celebrating now. Canadian Thanksgiving is always the second Monday in October, which is this Monday. We're having a potluck dinner after church tomorrow, and then our family dinner with friends on Monday afternoon. It promises to be a busy weekend, but one filled with lots of fellowship and feasting. By the time it's over, I'll have cooked a combined 35 pounds of turkey!

Although I'm perfectly willing to change my Thanksgiving traditions to a different month, I'm having a hard time remembering to plan for it this early. After all, I spent 39 Thanksgiving holidays at the end of November; this is only my fourth one in October, so I still have 35 more years to get used to this! ;)

My new blog-friend Jess has posted a bit of the history of Canadian Thanksgiving. I didn't realize that this country's Thanksgiving tradition goes back farther than the United States'. Jess and her husband have lived in Canada for just a little less time than we have. He is the pastor of Okanagan Valley Baptist Church in Vernon, BC. We haven't met them personally yet, but we have gotten to know them a bit through e-mail and our blogs.

Have a great weekend, whether you're celebrating anything or not!


  1. You caught me. When I read your title "It's Thanksgiving!", I said, "It is?". And your first words were "Yes! It is!". LOL I fell right into it.
    I look forward to reading the history of Canada's Thanksgiving.

    Hope y'all enjoy your weekend.
    And Happy Thanksgiving to y'all.

    ~ Christina

  2. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Have a blessed Canadian Thanksgiving...
    Enjoy all the turkey and trimmings... I am going over to read a little about the history of Canada's Thanksgiving...

  4. yay for Thanksgiving!! This is my third Canadian one, after 21 American ones. :) However, I still celebrate the American one when it comes around, so we have two every year now. Lots of food! This year, I am going to visit my sister in Oregon for the American one, and we will have two there. Three dinners -- who's complaining? And three opportunities to thank God for EVERYTHING! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Susan! Have a great day!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your week with friends and family.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving,
    I am feeling all left out...we don't have one here...only christmas to eat lots of turkey and food :) even then it is often too hot for a big dinner!!! Maybe I can invent an Australian eating thanksgiving thing in our wintertime!! I have always liked the idea of a holiday to give thanks...



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