Monday, October 08, 2007

It Was a Good Day

We had a great Thanksgiving Day! All that work yesterday paid off in a more leisurely morning today. Our guests were due to arrive about noon, but called and said they'd be about an hour later, which gave me an extra hour, even. I had a list about as long as my arm to keep me on track (I am extremely sidetrackable), and although I worked steadily through the morning, I did not work feverishly. There is a difference. I have much experience with working feverishly, believe you me.

Wes, Andrew, and Beth pitched in after breakfast and helped straighten up the house. I hadn't thought that it was too bad, but after they finished, I realized it had been fairly messy! But they whipped it into great shape, even killing a huge, monstrous spider for me (Wes and Andrew - yes, it took both of them!) when it was dislodged from its hiding place somewhere in the living room. We also had a visit from the neighbor's cat. Andrew went down to put the towels in the dryer for me, and the aforementioned kitty was in our common laundry area, because its owners were outside and had left their apartment door open. Andrew lost track of the cat as he was switching the laundry, but figured it had gone back into its own abode, so he came up and closed our door to the basement. Just as he came into the kitchen, I saw a gray cat come strolling through the kitchen from the front hallway like he was right at home! I knew the neighbors had a cat, but I'd never seen it, so it took a second to register where it had come from and how in the world it had gotten into my house. We quickly put two and two together, and Andrew picked it up and set it back at the top of our basement stairs. Kitty calmly walked back down to his own domain as if he owned the entire house. Just like a cat!

Our Thanksgiving guests were Pastor and Mrs. Ben Turner. They arrived around 1:15 and added to the bounty for the meal. She made a green bean casserole, one of our favorites, and a Cherry Delight and Coconut Pecan Pie, as well as some rolls and bread. They have three kiddos, who immediately spied the Wii! LOL Well, their dad did too, and within a very short amount of time, everybody (as in two dads and five kids) was immersed in games, complete with shouts of triumph and groans of defeat. Even littlest Emma, almost 3, got involved. Beth helped her learn to bowl, and she did very well. Probably better than I do. The look on her face when she knocked down any amount of pins was just precious! She would watch the ball so intently, and then this huge smile would spread across her face, and she'd say, "I did it!" I got the camera out to take a picture, then got sidetracked (told ya I was sidetrackable) and never came back to the camera. Emma's attention to bowling didn't last much longer either. She's sidetrackable too! ;)

Remember my long list? Well, even with the best list possible, if the turkey doesn't cooperate and get done on time, your list is toast. I had everything timed to eat at 2:00, but said turkey was not ready in time. Then Becky and I had to add our last-minute side dishes to the oven the turkey had just vacated. We finally ate at almost 3:00. I felt so bad! All the children were hungry (and I think the dads were too), and they just kept wandering through the kitchen to see what was holding things up. It didn't help that the turkey was sitting up there on the stove, looking nice and brown and plump, but nobody was calling anyone to dinner! I was pretty aggravated too, because no matter how hard I try to have a meal at a certain time, it's always 30 minutes to an hour later. Even with perfect planning. I think I'm going to start planning to have meals ready an hour before we want to eat, which will give me an hour of flex time in there. For stubborn turkeys.

When we finally got to eat, though, it was really good. I think we ate enough. Ahem. Then we had dessert. Four of them to choose from. I ate slivers of two of them . . . the Cherry Delight and the Praline Pumpkin Torte. And I stole a tiny bite, truly tiny, of Wes's piece of Coconut Pecan Pie. I didn't dare have more of that one. I can fudge a bit with other desserts, but those super-sweet pecan pies show no mercy on my blood sugar! All in all, we had a great day. The Turners stayed till 7:30, and we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon of fellowship with them. They have quite a week ahead of them. A member of their church family died suddenly last week, and his funeral is this week. I'm glad they were still able to come today, and I hope we were a blessing to them in the midst of a rough week.

Tomorrow brings school and normal routines once again. I found a couple of projects for myself while I was digging out special dishes and linens, like cleaning out and organizing some cupboards and closets. Grunts and grumbles as you dig through stuff to find what you need are good indicators that it's time to do something about the state of the cabinet! ;) Always something needing to be done! Have a great week!


  1. Sounds nice. All this talk of Thanksgiving is getting me excited. I found your blog through Juliean.


  2. It seems so strange reading about Thanksgiving in Oct.

    I know you've lived in Canada now for a while and are probably used to it, but I was just wondering... do you miss Thanksgiving in the U.S.?

    I'm glad you had a lovely dinner, I'm looking forward to our Thanksgiving... it'll be here before I know it. :)

  3. sounds likeyou had a very good time.hope you have a good week.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you had a great service & dinner. Our church will be having theier annual Thanksgiving dinner & service the Sun before Thanksgiving. it is alwaya a fun & blessed time...


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