Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cold, Dark, Crazy Day

Rainy Days by Kron
Rainy Days

Hello from chilly, windy, rainy, blustery North Vancouver! It is miserable outside! A stormy remnant of a tropical depression from Asia has moved on shore, and we know it, believe me. I think the temperature might have hit 45 today, but with the wind blowing, it feels colder than that. Add in the rain whipping around your legs as you go from your car to the store, and it's just icky, plain and simple.

I had my grocery shopping to do today. It would have been a simple task, if I hadn't switched purses last week when I went to the Couples' Retreat. My regular bag is large and bulky, because I like to have everything I might possibly need. Of course, when I actually do need something, it's not in my bag after all. But that's beside the point. Beth is a purse hound, so I borrowed a cute little tiny one from her. Only problem was that my big ol' huge-purse wallet wouldn't fit into the teeny tiny purse. So I took my driver's license and my health card out of my big wallet and put them into a little pouch to go into the small purse. I've been carrying that small purse all week with no problem. Today, when I got ready to go to the store, all I thought of was to make sure I had my driver's license. Keep in mind that I'm going to the store, so I will need some method of payment. I get down to the store and realize I don't have my "shopping loonie," the dollar-coin-shaped token I use to get a buggy (or cart, depending on where you live). You put the coin into this little box on the handle, and it releases the cart for you to use, and then when you're finished shopping you bring the cart back to the little shelter area and pop out your coin with the special key - you get your coin back, the store gets its buggy back. I keep my loonie in my big wallet, but it was at home. I need too much stuff to carry it in a basket, so I have to go back home to get my loonie. There are no loonies of any kind stashed in the car.

I drive back home to get my loonie, then back to the store to do my shopping. I just got it out of my wallet and put it in my teeny little pouch in my teeny little purse. Never once did I think of paying for the groceries. You know where this is headed don't you? I go back to the store, thinking all is well. Hum through the store - tra la la - I'm a happy shopper. Spending less than I thought I would! Yay! Get to the checkout, get in line, put my groceries on the conveyor. Put my buggy down at the end where I can easily set my groceries in. Glance outside. Yuck. The lady tells me my total, and I get out my little tiny pouch containing my drivers' license and my health card. But no money. No credit cards. No debit card. Zip. I begin by saying, "Oh, no!" Then tell the lady I don't have any money. This must happen often, because she says, "Would you like me to suspend your order till you get back?" She calls a manager over, who doesn't even blink an eye as she takes my groceries hostage until I come back with the money. She won't even let me finish packing them up! So I rush back home, for the second time today, and this time I just grab the whole crazy wallet. I will carry the wallet and the purse for the rest of this day. When I got back to the store, my groceries were still held hostage in a back room (actually just the back of customer service), and I am taken to an empty register line, where my former receipt is run through the register and I see my order being tallied up again. The manager informs me that I am not the first person to shop with no money; it happens at least once a day. I was still pretty embarrassed, all the same. After I paid, I was reunited with my carefully-chosen food and was on my way.

I still had other places to shop, but I had my money! When I got home, I was so glad to be there for good that I forgot to back in so we could get the groceries out in relative dryness. And when I realized it, I just said so be it! I had tramped through the rain all morning, and I'd just tramp through it again to get the groceries in. So I sloshed and tramped, and Wes and Andrew sloshed and tramped with me, bless their hearts. But they only had to slosh and tramp once. Lucky dogs!


  1. Glad to know I am not the only one who has days like this ;) Glad everything worked out in the end, and that this day is over for you :).

    Hope tomorrow is brighter for you

  2. :::raising hand::: I had my groceries held hostage before too...LOL:) Bless your heart Susan, I am so glad you are home safe and sound and DRY :O)


  3. Oh me, oh my! LOL...LOL Too funny, but I'm sure you weren't laughing in the midst of it! ;-) When Kevin and I were first married, I went off to the store to get my first groceries to stock up our cupboards. I had enough money, but I didn't want to carry it all, so I left half of it home. LOL So of course, the total rang up for way more than what I had with me. While my groceries were wheeled to a walk-in refrigerator, I went home...tried lost a little bit, a little panicky, but finally found my way home (this was the first time I had driven in the town we lived in). Ah, back to the grocery store to pay for my cold groceries! =)

  4. Oh Susan ~ LOL!! What a day you had! It seems you are already having some cold weather. We still have the fan in our window at night blowing in. I'm sure that will change soon! Glad all turned out well and those two guys helped you with the heavy bags. :)

  5. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Susan, I have done this more times then I care to count! Ususally I have my girls with me too! I get all the questions from them ......where are the groceries..... what about our treat ;).... can we come back to get them.... All with everyone in the store watching and asking themselves how can someone shop without money I am sure! LOL. Praying you have a better day Friday.~ Michelle C (VUH)

  6. Poor Susan! The only way this could have been funnier (or not-so-funny) is if you would have had a baby and a toddler with you. And, at least it wasn't snowing, right?
    Mrs. C

  7. Hi Susan,
    What a day. I thought I was the only one that did stuff like that. It is still very warm here.

  8. Susan,
    Wow, what a day! I heard the weather has been nasty out your way.

    God Bless

  9. Susan, being down here in the south now, it's so funny to hear ppl tell their kids "git me a buggy" in their southern drawllllllll. I have had those days too! I was just thinking of you this morning watching the news and saw the big rains over Wash. State, now I know, you got it too.

  10. we've had alot of rain lately here as fact nearly 3 days solid raining.
    everything is wet and soggy.
    thankfully this afternoonm it decided to let up.
    hope your tomorrow is better.

  11. LOL! Sounds like something I would do! :-)

    Once when I went through the self-checkout line I forgot about the two large bags of ice in the bottom of my cart and paid for everything else and trotted out to my car to unload. That's when I notice the ice. (roll eyes) So I rolled the cart back in and told the cashier about it and she said just check out again. ;-)

  12. Oh Susan, slosh and tramp are such perfectly descriptive words for the wet coast weather.
    About your shopping . ..when I first started dating the man I eventually married, I went with my mom to shop at the grocery store that he worked at. When we piled our groceries up and he was packing them my mom realized . .no money . .. no nothing. Oh yeah . .that was embarrassing.
    thank you for you kinds words today. You are very sweet.

  13. HA HA HA sounds like you had one of those days we would all like to forget!!!
    but you must have an honest face.. because they held you groceries for you while you went home...
    I hope you have a better day tomorrow :-)

  14. hmmmm, BC must be more expensive than Ontario....we only have to pay a quarter to get a cart! :-D


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