Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another Unexpected Blessing

The Lord has blessed us again! When Samuel was learning to drive, we wanted to get him an older car that wouldn't be a huge loss if he happened to wreck it. Wes found one on Craigslist that was free, except for redeeming it from the impound yard where it had been towed from the owner's apartment. After some repair work, that car has been a faithful servant for two years now, and is now serving him well at college. In fact, we've had less trouble with Sam's car than with our 2000 Olds mini-van!

Andrew turned 16 in July and got his learner's permit that day. He's been wanting to learn to drive, but we were so busy with things over the summer that Wes never got the chance to go out with him and begin teaching him. With Beth's piano lessons beginning again in September, Wes told Andrew he'd take him along when he took Beth to her piano lessons, and they would drive around the surrounding neighborhood for that 30 minutes to give Andrew some practice. All this was in our van, and we really wanted to try to find something for him as we had done for Samuel. So we both kept our eyes open on Craigslist and Freecycle for something suitable.

Last night, before I shut down my computer, I decided to check my e-mail one more time. In my North Vancouver Freecycle folder, there was an e-mail offering a 1986 Honda Civic, for free of course. I quickly told Wes about it (because I know that free cars go quickly, no matter how old or what kind of shape), and he told me to e-mail the guy and tell him we would like it for our son to learn to drive on. I went to bed praying that, if this were the Lord's will, the man would notice our e-mail and contact us first thing this morning.

Sure enough, this morning there was an e-mail waiting for me! The owner of the car had hoped to find a teenager that needed a car to learn to drive on, and said he'd call us later in the morning. He called around 9:00 and told us the car was ours if we wanted it. Wes arranged to meet him at 10:30, and the man drove the car to our house for us, took the tags off, and asked Wes to drive him home. He had been using the car himself until yesterday, when he bought himself a newer car.

Andrew is now the semi-owner of a pretty old car! LOL It's 21 years old, has about 130,000 miles on it (converted from kilometres to get that figure), but with a newer engine with only about 60,000 miles on it. The radiator fan doesn't work, but Wes knows how to fix that simply. It's already current on its inspection, so as soon as Wes gets that fan fixed, it will be road-ready. Oh . . . and it has a manual transmission! Andrew wasn't too keen on that, but I told him that once he learned to drive a standard that he'd be able to drive almost any vehicle. He's been out there getting the feel for the clutch, and his excitement is beginning to grow. He's already announced that his car is nicer than Sam's, although Sam's is quite a bit newer than Andrew's! ;) Here are a few pictures I took while Andrew and his dad checked it all out.

We thank the Lord for yet another blessing to our family, and although the owner of the car will probably never read this blog, I want to thank Lawrence for his generosity. He doesn't know what a blessing he was to us today!


  1. How neat is that????

    The Lord sure does provided for His children in the most unexpected ways. ;)
    Mrs. C

  2. Yay, Susan! What a blessing! But I would be like Andrew and be leary of the manual, too. :)

  3. Heather L.7:15 AM

    It's so encouraging to me to hear how the Lord is blessing you and taking care of your needs. It reminds me that He is caring for me too.

  4. Too cool! Maybe I should check Freecycle for a car for my Andrew (who got his learners permit about a month ago). We let him drive our car, but it has a few "technical difficulties", which would make it hard to test in, IF they even let him use it.

  5. Mrs. C, we love to watch how needs are supplied sometimes, usually from some of the most unusual sources! LOL

    Deb, my dad taught me to drive a manual when we got a little Volkswagen Rabbit after my mom died. Let's just say it lived up to its name! ;) I have lots of fun memories, but I'm not sure how fun they are for my dad.

    Heather, I'm glad this was an encouragement for you! :)

    Anna, we love Freecycle and Craigslist. We've gotten quite a few things for free, and we've given away a lot of things too. Great way to pass things on! Cars don't really come along too often, but they've come at just the right time for us.

  6. Wow what a blessing.

  7. Alright! I bet your son is excited!


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