Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Weekend

Ahhh . . . the weekend. Even though we technically "work" on our weekends, we still enjoy the change of routine from the week. The kids especially enjoy not having school work to do! ;) Saturday around our house is pretty quiet. Wes uses most of the day to study for his Sunday sermons, I get my Sunday school preparations finished and dinner started for Sunday, and Andrew and Beth hang around the house, reading or watching a video or playing games. Sometimes they go biking or ice skating - more common here lately. I've begun to use Saturday as a day to play a little. I've been spending more time online (I'm working on making updates to my blog!) and working on some crafts or reading. Today I plan to finish my ironing from the laundry I did yesterday, make sure all my grading is done for school, and maybe start on a new dress for myself. I cleaned out our closet this week and found a large piece of navy blue fabric that I think will make a nice, classic dress. I should also take care of a little mending that has piled up on my sewing table! ;)

We had some friends over yesterday. They have been working with Pastor Ben Turner at Anchor Baptist Church for about 3 years, and now they're getting ready to go back on deputation to raise the money to start another church in the Greater Vancouver area. Wes is helping them compile their Power Point presentation to help present their ministry to the churches they visit on deputation. I didn't know how long they'd be here yesterday, so we asked about 2:00 if they would like to eat with us. Friday is pizza day, and I had Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza planned. They said they'd like to eat with us, so I added a salad to our two pizzas and we chowed down. After lunch, we ladies sat down to talk while the guys kept working on the presentation. Actually, we were up in Wes's office (aka our bedroom), just chattering away while Wes was trying to work on this presentation, and finally he turned around and politely asked us to scram! LOL We were distracting him terribly! She's a quilter, so I got out my Granny's two quilt tops to show her, and she has one very similar to my butterfly quilt top! Hers has larger butterflies, but the same template, and has begun to break down a little, so she is restoring it with vintage reproduction fabrics. I'm still waiting for the extra, unprioritized money to begin working on my quilts! ;) Seems like there's always something else we need to do with the money when it comes in. Does it seem that way at your house too? Anyway, we had a good time with our friends yesterday, and now my mind is on those quilt tops again!

Andrew and Beth had Gym Night with GVBC last night, so after we dropped them and one of our other teens off, Wes and I had a date. Last week we went out on Wednesday night (our midweek service is on Thursday) and had coffees, sitting on the patio of the coffee shop. We're thinking about making Wednesday night our date night, since Friday is so often busy with another activity. It just worked out for Friday night this week, with the kids at Gym Night. So we went to an area mall and walked around, then had a little snack and a drink before we picked up our teens. In cleaning out my closet and getting my winter clothes in order, I found that I have most everything I need except for tops to wear under vests and jumpers. So I looked around the mall with an eye out for turtlenecks. I found some I really liked, in the most beautiful colors, but the price was not what I'm willing to spend, at 2 for $50.00. The colors for this fall are "my" colors - wine, burnt orange, brown, deep olive green - they go well with my red hair and brown eyes (I should say reddish hair now, I guess - it's less and less red and more and more brown and silver! Yikes!). So I passed on the turtlenecks for now. I'm sure some will turn up at a more favorable price! ;)

I'm really excited about my new set of Sunday school lessons. Because they're easy to use for groups of children with varying ages, I've been using Child Evangelism Fellowship's lessons and basically going through the Bible. We're almost finished with what I'd planned to do with those, so this time I got the series entitled Living God's Way. It's 12 lessons about developing godly character traits: how to conquer bad traits and establish good ones. The publisher recommends dividing each lesson into two sessions, which gives me 24 sessions. That's six months' worth of lessons! Our church has Missions Month in November, so I got the missionary story of John Paton, who went to the New Hebrides Islands, now known as Vanuatu, in the 1800s. It has five lessons, so I'll start those the last Sunday in October, to finish on our final week of Missions Month. So I feel like I'm all set for quite a while, and I have all kinds of ideas to make things exciting floating around in my head.

So that's our weekend and lots of rambling! LOL I hope you have a great weekend. I may try to get back to my "Sunday in Review" posts this week.


  1. sounds like you have your lessons well prepared... you have a blessed day at services tomorrow...

  2. I enjoyed hearing about what you've been up to!

  3. Hi Susan,
    I love having Saturdays to prepare for Sunday too. I changed my closets out last week. I am ready for fall but you know fall in Texas.:)

  4. Mimi, the lessons are exciting, but they will be a lot of work. Especially since I have a couple of preschoolers and one elementary aged one!

    Heather, sometimes I don't feel like I have a thing to say, so thanks for the encouragement!

    Elizabeth, do you actually get an autumn way down there in your area? ;) We barely got one in north Texas! LOL


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